Top affiliates marketers we’re following for inspiration

Top affiliates marketers we’re following for inspiration

Do you find yourself searching for affiliate marketers or campaigns for inspiration? We share a list of our all time favourite Affiliate marketers. Hope you enjoy!

Being an affiliate marketer isn’t easy. There are ups and downs that both new and seasoned affiliates experience, and sometimes a little inspiration helps.

With affiliate marketing exploding in popularity over the years, it’s resulted in many influencers, content creators and brands launching affiliate marketing campaigns. There is a wealth of inspiring affiliate marketers to learn from, and get inspired by. If you’re looking for the top Affiliate Marketers in the world, RevGlue has you covered.





Missy Ward

Missy Ward is famous for affiliate marketing, she has co-founded the Affiliate Summit Corporation in 2003 along with business Partner, Shawn Collins. It is the largest Affiliate Marketing conference in the world and has grown to include Performance Marketing Summit, FeedFront Magazine,, and This summit provides educational sessions and networking events, a great way for affiliate marketers to learn the latest trends and promote themselves.

She is an iconic Affiliate Marketer, a work at home mum and a philanthropist. For the past 12 years she has helped companies grow their business using the performance marketing model. She has taught hundreds of bloggers and content creators how to integrate affiliate marketing into their blogs so they can monetise it.



Patt Flynn

Patt Flynn is a phenomenal Affiliate Marketer. In 2008, he worked on his blog and soon made money off his website with Google Ads. His website grew and soon, he sold an e-book where he earned a commission. What’s inspiring is after a year and a half years of working on his website, his first income through Affiliate Marketing was roughly £6k and eventually it increased to more than £37k in 2013. You can see his monthly income here.

He believes the reason for his success is in how well he can service his audience. It’s about providing true value to your audience and this can be reflected in the mission described in his website: Serving a worldwide community of online entrepreneurs, bonded by a common cause – to build a purpose-driven, profitable business they an be proud of. 

He talks about everything there is to know about marketing via his blog and podcast encompassing over 400 episodes. 

“ A quote to inspire:

“It's about finding your passion and letting go. It's about believing in yourself and learning to succeed or fail on your merits, not the whims of the economy or factors outside of your control. This is a great dose of inspiration, and if that is what you are looking for (or if you just want to know more about Pat's story), you won't be disappointed.”

Ryan, An Verified Purchase reader review



Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has been generating over £100k every year with affiliate marketing. He began his journey with Affiliate Marketing and from there he experimented with a range of digital marketing techniques from email marketing, to PPC to optimizing his website. He worked very hard to generate this passive income, and as he quoted ‘My best advice is to have thick skin and if you aren’t ready to put in endless hours of work for no immediate return, the world of entrepreneurship simply isn’t for you. Everyone thinks this is easy, but it’s the complete opposite. For every success story you see, there are hundreds of failures you never hear about.’

From his enormous amount of experiments, trail and error, he ensures he gives his readers best practices on how to work smarter and efficiently whilst making money. However, it does required time and effort in a niche area , as it’s about providing unique value to your audiences.



Finch sells

Martin Osborn or Finch sells is one of the youngest notable affiliate marketers out there and runs his own company, Finch Media Ltd. He is a Brit and moved to America for his career in Affiliate Marketing. He’s involved in all kinds of affiliate campaigns and his expertise has helped brands enhance their own conversion funnels. He is known for his content sharing ways to significantly lower your CPA, optimising your website and generating traffic. He described himself as a performance marketer and relies on this strategy to generate his sales.

His ideology is that affiliate marketers should take risks and find their own formulas to help them succeed in their space. He encourages people to find new ways of succeeding in Digital entrepreneurship and Affiliate Marketing. 



Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando is a long term Affiliate Marketer and has been around for more than 15 years. He believes Affiliates should take risks and be creative to stand out in the noise. However, as technology is increasingly changing, a lot of affiliates are now playing by the rules to win the game. 

Most of his traffic comes from Facebook Ads and Push Ads, and amazingly he spends as little as 0.004 to 0.005 pence to acquire a click on Facebook. He shares his successes and tactics in various conferences, his blog and website.  The skill in handling ad management successful led him to run an agency called IANternet Media, where they help businesses profit from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other organic high traffic avenues. 



Andrew Payne 

Andrew Payne is the founder of Affiliate Success. He’s a renowned affiliate marketer earning 7 figures annually. As he ventured into Affiliate Marketing his primary tactic was push notifications which he leveraged since its inception. He also works with AdWords and mobile pop traffic to help him succeed. 

He shares a lot of advice to aspiring and established affiliate marketers. For example, marketers should be able to analyse data and insights to make the correct decisions to help them thrive. Some words of wisdom he’s also shared:

“Surround yourself with the right people, be mindful of who you spend your time with.”

“Dream and work towards big things or don’t dream at all – that is my way of thinking. Perhaps it is not the best way for some but in my mind, you get what you expect and you can only achieve what you reach for.”




So what’s your favourite kind of affiliate marketer?

Great affiliate marketing campaigns and content are endless, leaving many ideas for anyone looking to enhance their campaigns.


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