Monetise Android & iOS APPs with RevGlue publisher tools

Monetise Android & iOS APPs with RevGlue publisher tools

There are about 3.8 million apps on Android play store and over 2 million on Apple apps store. There is a great choice is apps available in each category for all age groups, countries and in multiple languages. An average person has 60 to 90 apps on his smart phone and the number is doubled for tablets because of the games and video apps popularity. It is estimated that there are over 2 billion smart phones in use all across the globe. More than 50% are daily connected to the internet via home devices or mobile internet connections. These numbers are increasing daily and would continue to rise as the cost of internet connection is going down and the internet reach is increasing to each country with new technological infrastructure. These numbers could even double in the next ten years. 

There are over 50 thousands new apps are developed and uploaded on just Apple apps store in a month. Most of these apps are free to use and contain some form of advertising to generate revenues for the app production teams. Three are three main types of advertising mediums that are mostly used in the apps advertising space.

1 - CPC based ads via Google AdSense and other mobile add networks who offer revenue share model on each click. These also contain video ads.

2 - CPL based ads are provided through lead generation networks that obtains user data and then provides them relevant offers in return. This model offers fixed amount of revenue or commission per lead. 

3 - CPA model based ads that are populated via affiliate networks. These ads could contain product feeds via prices so users can search a product and purchase it from their mobiles. This model offers the commission on each sale to the mobile owners. These ad formats can affiliate network inventory such as banners, coupons, discount daily deals, product feeds or even customised data to offer cashback to their mobile app user base. RevGlue tools support mobile app developers with customised set of data and offers on CPA model that can be easily integrated via xml or json feeds.


RevGlue offers dynamic set of tools for mobile apps developers that can support both Android and iOS apps to dynamically monetise their mobile apps. RevGlue publisher tools are specifically designed for bloggers, social media influencers and mobile application developers that offers full access to all the publisher tools absolutely free. 

RevGlue publisher tools offers open API with RevEmbed module for mobile apps developer to integrate the affiliates data sets on their mobile apps. These data sets can help you offer wide range of offers to users in your mobile apps. 


What is RevEmbed tool?

RevEmbed tools offers ready made affiliate websites to publishers and open APi with the data sets if they wish to integrate the data on their website or mobile applications. Click and view the iframe RevEmbed websites demo that are currently available.



Publishers can get free websites like these to setup on their domains and monetise their existing users. Mobile application developers or website developers who wish to get data access to they can utilise it as they want on their application can use each data open APi. These open APi offers all the data inclduing stores, links, deals etc in multiple formats including csv, xml and json. All data sets are updated daily by RevGlue data team. 


What is the cost and how do i earn commissions?

RevEmbed is absolutely free to use for publishers. We integrate the data from multiple affiliate networks and then RevGlue specilised data team cleans, maps and structures the data that is required for publishers to setup websites or apps including vouchers, cashback, mobile comparison, broadband comparison, banners or product feeds niche websites. 

RevEmbed works on revenue share basis on all publisher tools. All the data provide deep links so users can be referred to the ecommerce stores to make purchases. These ecommerce stores then provide commissions on each sale back to RevGlue. We share that commission with the publishers on their referrered user sale. Publishers earn 80% of the commissions large share and RevGlue earns 20% on all publisher tools. Publishers can then request the cashout from RevGlue as soon as they reach £100 in minimum payable cashouts. Please browse sales, commissions and payment reports under RevEmbed menu for more details. Each click and commission is tracked and reported back to the publishers so they can analyse which store or product is performing better for them.


Which Data APi's are available?


1 -  UK Discount Vouchers Data APi   

Create a discount coupons section in your app to give discounted offers to your users. If your app is specific to a niche then only show certain categories and stores. You have full control on the coupons data in the APi.

2 - Daily Deals Data APi

Daily deals discounted products are last minute bargain offers that users love to avail as soon as they appear. Get list of all these UK deals and integarte them in your shopping app.

3 - Mobile Comparison Data APi

Set-up mobile comparison website or use the data for your mobile apps to offer mobile comparison deals to users. 

4 - Broadband, TV and Phone Data APi

Create broadband comparison website that also includes tv and phone services. 

5 - Product Feeds Niche Data APi

Product feeds open api offers generic data of products so publishers can create niche websites such as flower, furniture, electronics etc. 

6 - Cashback Data APi

Try cashback data open api to setup your cashback or loyalty website or mobile app.

7 - UK eCommerce Store Banners Data APi

These banners can be used in open api to fill in the paid banner placements on your mobile apps.


How can mobile apps developer access these data APi's?

The access to RevEmbed module is free. Simply create a free user account on and select projects under RevEmbed module in the left main panel. Add your project URL to verify your domain, select the project APi you require and you will be provided full data access for that data set.

So register today with and start monetising your mobile apps with RevEmbed Open Api.





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