Free and instant affiliate websites | RevEmbed

Free and instant affiliate websites | RevEmbed

What is RevEmbed?

RevEmbed is a free interactive module developed for UK publishers to setup free affiliate websites. Create free affiliate websites within minutes on your domain, drive relevant traffic and start earning the commissions on each sale.


Create Free Affiliate Site


RevEmbed currently offers the following five free affiliate websites for UK publishers but we are working to bring in more niches in 2020. Click on each link below to view the demo sites.

1 - Cashback 

2 - Coupons & Daily Deals

3 - Mobile Comparison

4 - Broadband Comparison 

5 - Product Feeds Quick Shop


What are the benefits on RevEmbed for UK publishers?

1 - You do not require affiliate network logins and account management. RevGlue manages all tracking and commissions with the affiliate networks and the merchants. 

2 - All design, development and data management is provided in SaaS platform so you can concentrate on driving the relevant traffic to your website and earn commissions. 

3 - Instant reporting is provided to view clicks and commissions. 

4 - Earn 80% commission on each sale and request cashout in your UK bank or Paypal account as soon as you have £100 in your payable commissions. 

5 - Customise styling, update logo, manage SEO tags, get Open Api access to the data and many other options to manage your RevEmbed instance. 

6 - You do not need expensive hosting packages. 


How can i setup one of these RevEmbed affiliate niche websites on my domain?

There are four easy steps to setup your affiliate websites via RevEmbed. 

1 - Create free affiliate account with 

2 - Go to RevEmbed menu under publisher tools and then click on projects. Add the domain of your project and select the RevEmbed type you wish to setup on your domain. 

3 - RevEmbed will provide you with an index.php file that you can upload on your domain that you have provided in the last step to verify the domain ownership. 

4 - Click on the verify domain button on RevEmbed window and your site show up live on your domain instantly. 

Now drive relevant traffic to your free affiliate website and check click and commission reports under RevEmbed menu. 


Watch a short video on how to setup free affiliate websites with RevEmbed.



Thank You.






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