How can aspiring and established influencers monetise their channels effectively?

How can aspiring and established influencers monetise their channels effectively?

Are you a social media influencer or publisher and wish to monetise your social media followers and channels? RevSocial provides a dynamic and easy way to help you monetise your social media followers with the latest deals and offers. 

RevGlue supports affiliates and publishers with a unique set of tools and contents to help you earn more money from your web properties such as websites, blogs, mobile apps and social media channels. RevSocial is one interactive module offered by RevGlue to social media influencers. 


What is RevSocial?

  • RevSocial is a dynamic and simple tool designed and developed for social media influencers to help them earn more money from their social followers. This tool offers over 100 million deals, offers, discounted products, coupons, mobile and broadband offers to help you publish on your social channels with a click of a button. 
  • RevSocial dynamic built-in tracking capabilities manage to track every single click, sale and commission for you to understand on which deals your social followers are clicking and then making a purchase. 
  • RevSocial team manages all the deals and they are updated daily bringing you quality daily updated offers from over 6 thousand UK eCommerce stores. 
  • RevSocial manages all the eCommerce tracking and relations with the stores so saving you time and money so you can concentrate on sharing the deals on your social channels and making money. 
  • Find the right deal, share on your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or other social channels with a click of a button or obtain the deal contents to create a bespoke campaign for your Instagram or TikTok accounts. 
  • Earn commission on each sale and get paid from RevGlue in your bank or Paypal account.


How does it work?

Great, let me show you how simply RevSocial works and some tricks and tips to help you find the right deals. Create a free publisher account, validate your email and jump on to RevSocial menu under the Publisher Tools menu. If you just want to try it before registering then click here on the Try Demo button. 


You can view four sub-menu under the RevSocial menu within Publisher tools. 

Search & Share - Here you can find the deals and offers to share on your social channels. 

Clicks - View all your social media clicks tracked from the deals and offers you have shared.

Commissions - Browse your commissions earned for each sale. 

Payments - Request a cashout when you hit the minimum cashout threshold here. Also browse all your historical cashouts for RevSocial. 

Let's explore each of these sub-menu options to learn about each one and how they work. Click on Search and Share sub-menu under the RevSocial menu.  



What you get is a simple but powerful search box with multiple options to find the right deal or offer for you. I typed in leather jacket and clicked on the search button and found over 14k results from multiple stores. Let's learn about each option in the search box.

Data Types - Being an affiliate you must have heard about product feeds and other data types. RevGlue data engine aggregates different data sets from multiple sources and then structure it for affiliates to make it simple for them to use it without them having to hire a data manager to clean and structure the data for them. 

  • Product Feeds - these are eCommerce products database of over 100 million products. You can search for any product from this main data engine that is sod by normal eCommerce retailers. 
  • Daily Deals - These are short term highly discounted deals such as Groupon, last minute, Wowchar etc that may run out quickly. 
  • Coupons - These are coupons or offers issued by the eCommerce stores that generally offer discounts on the basket value. Some offers are open to all such as free delivery, buy one get one free etc but the coupons normally require a coupon code to redeem on the basket level to apply the discount. 
  • Mobile Comparison - These deals are specifically related to mobile retailers selling mobile deals such as Carphone Warehouse. 
  • Broadband Deals - These deals are specifically related to broadband offers with extra information on each deal to help you build your campaign. 
  • Banners - Sometimes you just need a banner and a link to the store to help on your campaign. Here you can find thousands of banners from all the participating eCommerce stores.

Stores - This dropdown shows all the participating stores. Simply select any store to find specific store related deals. 

Keywords - Provide your keyword that will match the product titles to bring your relevant results such as I typed in leather jacket and all the products showing below have both of these keywords in the title. These keywords could be mixed with three types. 

  • Exact Match Flexible - Search results are provided by taking all the keywords into consideration i.e. Acer aspire 7. All keywords must be found in the title of the product on any placement in no particular order.

  • Exact Match Strict - Search results are provided by taking all keywords into consideration as one phrase i.e. Acer aspire 7. All keywords must be found in the title of the product exactly as requested.

  • Broad Match - Search results are provided by taking many or at-least one keyword in consideration to present the search results in no particular order.

    Leaving the keyword field empty will bring up all the results available in the RevSocial data bank in no particular order

Categories - All the data sets have been structured in RevGlue categories. Not each product is matched with RevGlue categories but store categories and sub-categories as mapped with RevGlue categories to bring some consistency. 

By Price - Easy way to enter the minimum and maximum prices for a product or a deal search. 

By Discount - If a deal or a product has provided an RRP value then this is extremely useful search criteria to find highly discounted items. Such as if I type in 50 in the minimum search results above then RevSocial will only present the products and deals which an at-least 50% discounted. Please note we calculate the discount based on the difference between the RRP and the Price -- if the RRP is provided. 


Tip - If you wish to find a highly discounted product then simply type in the keyword and only type in minimum discount values starting from 20% to find the deals. Also, note that if a deal is highly discounted then it may also be sold out quickly. It is always recommended to click on the deal link to check if the store still has the deal or the product in stock. 


I typed in 50 in the minimum discount value box and the results are reduced from 14k to 800 but now I have highly discounted products. You can try that on any product upto even a 90% discount. Click on the product title to view detailed information on each product and also click on the store title to understand how much commission you could potentially earn on each sale from that store. If a product is discounted then you will be presented with the RRP price and the discount value on that discounted product. 


Tip - If you just wish to find out highly discounted items in each category then do not add a keyword. Simply select a category and add min discount value to find highly discounted products in that category.


How to share on your social channels?

Once you have found the deal or a product that you wish to share on your social channel. It is fairly simple now to share with a click of a button on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. If you wish to obtain the link only for your campaign then simply click on the Link icon and get the deeplink for that deal. If you wish to promote on Instagram, TikTok or on other social channels but you require the product information, short link and image so you can create a bespoke campaign then click on the Instagram icon to view the relevant details.



The above image is presented when you click on the Instagram link to obtain the product information for your bespoke campaigns. 

  • Click on the Download Image button to download the image. 
  • Click on the title copy icon to copy the product title. 
  • Click on the copy icon at the end of the description. 
  • You are presented with the RRP, Price, Discount value, potential commission on that product and total potential commission on the store level. 
  • Click on the view product on store website to check if the product is still available. Please note that prices may differ as highly discounted products are often reduced to clear in stock quickly. Check the latest prices from the store website. 
  • Click on generate link to get a shorter version of the link.

Great, so we have completed the search and share menu options here. The other three menu options provide clicks, commissions and payments statistics.


RevSocial Click Report

You can view all the clicks generated from the deals you may have shared on your social channels with RevSocial. Please note that these clicks are generated in real time so you can try to click on couple of deal links and see the results. I have click on two leather jacket links and the links worked perfectly well and also the clicks are recorded with the clicks reports. See the image below. 


Click on the search button to view your latest clicks. The search box has multiple options to filter your results including the data types that we learnt above, social platforms, conversions dropdown shows clicks that have been converted into conversions or not yet and use custom period option to filter the results by dates. The result shows the following information. 

  • Click ID - Each click is provided with a unique id. 
  • Data Type - Shows which data was used such as product feeds, coupons etc. You can hover on the icons to view the details in the tooltip. 
  • Social Platform - Shows the platform you selected to share the deal on. 
  • Product -  Shows the product that you shared. 
  • Store - Shows the store whose deal or product is shared. 
  • Conversion - Shows if that click has been converted into a sale or not yet. 
  • IP - This is the IP address of the user who clicked on the shared deal.
  • Date / Time - Shows the time and date on which the deal click is tracked. This is GMT time.


RevSocial Commissions Report

The commission's report presents those clicks that have been converted into sales and how much commission is earned on each sale. Not all clicks will convert to sales and that depends on several factors such as

  • Your social followers demographics, buying capacity, segmentation and frequency. 
  • If you are sharing random deals with your followers. Please note that it is not guaranteed that the highly discounted deals will be sold quickly. There is lot more research required to find which deals should be posted to your social followers. 
  • Timing is also very important such as if you are posting Easter deals after easter or too early then the conversion rate may not be good. We recommend understand your social followers and then designing a promotional calendar to explore which deals should be posted on what date and time. Such as if you know that the coming weekend is going to be warm then people would like to go to the beach or theme parks. If it is going to rain then what should be posted. 
  • As said make a marketing calendar, find deals, plan the posting time of the deals and then you can get a better conversion on each deal.


The cashout report offers quick cashout statistics and it is important to understand each commission status.

  • Currency - We are only offering UK data so all commissions are only paid in GBP.
  • Pending - These are commissions where the sales have been completed but the store has not confirmed that they are happy to pay for it. This could be due to the fraud payment or the fact that the store may offer the commission only on the products that are not returned in the first free returns time that is normally 14 days. It could be confirmed or failed in the next 1-30 days depending on the sale being successfully completed or failed for any reason. 
  • Confirmed - That means that the sale has been successful, and the store will pay the commission in the next payout that is normally once a month at the start of the month.
  • Payable - This is RevSocial status and each confirmed sale is transferred into payable status after 30 days. You can cashout your commission from this status as soon as you reach £100 in your payable commission. The cashout button changes into Blue to allow you to cashout when you hit the minimum threshold in the payable commission. You may then cashout in your Bank or Paypal account. 

The search form offers simple options to find the commissions based on the store, status and between two specific dates. 

The results are provided with the following useful information. 

  • Commission ID - Unique id of each commission.
  • Click Exit ID - Unique id of each click that is converted into a sale.
  • Store - Title of the store whose deal or offer was converted. 
  • Product - The title of the product that was shared and we assume that it was sold. Please note that when we direct the user on to the eCommerce store, we assume that the user is interested in the product he was shown but we have no control over the user buying behaviour so he or she may end up buying a different product or multiple items. The total commission you earn is based on the basket value and not on the shared product. 
  • Currency - We are only offering GBP at the moment but we do have plans to start offering USD deals in the future. 
  • My Earnings - This is the total commission earned based on the basket value.
  • Date - Date is the sale. Please note that the click date could be different than the sale date. 
  • Status - This is the status of the commission for this sale.


RevSocial Payments Report

The payments report offers information on all the cashouts that could be latest or paid cashouts. 


Simply click on the search button to explore all your cashout payments made to you in your Bank or Paypal account. Click on the details icon to view the total commission paid in that cashout request. 

Watch our latest tutorial on how influencers can monetise their social media channels and followers with RevSocial.







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