12 Top PPC Tools – PPC Tools for Campaigns and Advertisement

12 Top PPC Tools – PPC Tools for Campaigns and Advertisement

Pay per click (PPC) is an efficient way to gain leads, traffic, and ROI (return on investment) when done correctly. What's more, is that PPC management tools can be the difference between an impactful and cost-effective campaign. PPC marketing requires time and effort, as there are various factors you need to take care of when producing or running campaigns. From crafting outstanding ad copies to determining profitable keywords or anticipating your competitor's next move, all of this involves analysis and management activities which can be time-consuming.

This is why deploying automated PPC tools will save you time and money as they automate processes and extract easy to understand data all designed so you can focus on the high-level marketing activities, such as strategies and creative campaigns which means better PPC performance, identify high-value segments, and converting more paid traffic to valuable leads.  

So how do you know which tool is right for you? We've done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best, affordable and competitive 12 PPC tools to increase your affiliate marketing revenue. These tools include PPC management, bid management, and custom reporting, but the deciding factor will depend on what additional features you need to help you achieve your marketing goal. Here, we'll also be critiquing the different capabilities to help you weigh up your options. Therefore, let's delve into our list and find the right tool for your affiliate marketing strategy. Before you decide to download one, understand what features are best suited for you to make an informed choice.

The Top PPC tools

1.     Word Stream
2.    Optymzr
3.    Ad Espresso
4.    Kensoo
5.    SEMRush
6.    Buzzsumo
7.    Ahrefs
8.    SpyFu
9.    Shape
10.    QuanticMind
11.    Ispionage
12.    Adalysis

Our expert picks on the best automation tools.

1.  WordStream

With WordStream, your marketing revenue is just a few clicks away. It supports you to improve your PPC accounts quickly. It handles large PPC channels like Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook campaigns. However, it does not support other channels such as Twitter. It gives details on click-through rates, long-tail keywords, impression share to help you continuously optimise while managing your campaigns through machine learning with its bid management and other vital functions such as time settings. Not only that, it has its keyword research tool to help you group, analyse and prioritise. It lets you know what keywords you can use to improve your content. Concerning pricing, it has a free trial, and you can expand to paid plans if It works fine for your campaigns. It's starting price is £39 per month.

•    WordStream is a time-saving application that provides a free initial platform.
•    Easy to use
•    It gives essential feedback on critical performance factors and makes it easy to adjust and improve campaigns.


•    Its shortcomings have serious tracking issues; sometimes, it is unable to track the clicks on your sites – and because of this, you have to start all over again.

2.  Optmyzr

Optmyzr has integration with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. PPC management tool identified as a click optimisation tool that offers top quality suggestions for improving your accounts' value, which has historically shown to increase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). This is because one of its key focus is optimising campaigns, by allowing automated A/B testing and machine learning to develop better suggestions based on your historical performance and comprehensive insights.

Likewise, there are indispensable features in it, like it can benefit you in tuning your ads and manage multiple campaigns. It gives you insights into increasing your ROS (Run on-site), handling reporting (because it has a build reporting feature), scripts and another type of automation. It also has a historical quality tracker, which is a beneficial feature.

Well, this tool is for PPC account managers, strategists, analysts, and everything in between. One downside of this tool is the price; compared to some competitors anyway, the price is relatively high. But it offers a free trial for 14 days. Otherwise, the price is £178 per month for up to 25 ad accounts.

•    It has advanced tools when it comes to managing PPC accounts.
•    Bid management is excellent and works perfectly. And, it also offers a variety of tools to manage paid searches.


•    It lacks support for AdWords tracking.
•    Plus another downside of this tool is the price; compared to some competitors, the price is relatively high.


3.  AdEspresso

This PPC management tool is a one-stop solution for all your advertisements needs. It allows you to customise and run your Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaigns all on a single platform. It is worth considering because it saves time, effort and intensifies your campaign's performance.
Key features are its facilities campaign optimisation, generate ad campaign analyses, and provides reports. It's starting price is £38 per month.

•    It would be great for affiliates as its Facilities campaign optimisation generate ad campaign analyses and provides reports.
•    Arranging Ad espresso is easy as it is full of visuals.
•    It is worth considering because it saves time, effort and intensifies your campaign's performance.


•    It costs money, as you spend more, it costs more, and you will be behind on some features in this tool.

4.  Kenshoo

This PPC management tool is described as the end to end SEM platform for managing campaigns. A holistic approach, as it offers many advertising tools related to budget management, search, social, and app-based ads. Bidding and changing URL targets is Kenshoo's unique feature.

It also has integration with Amazon and Pinterest. As compared to other tools, the Kenshoo toolset helps you restructure existing account complexity into tighter ad group structures. And it's available on only custom plans.


•    It helps affiliate marketers to control and automate their online marketing effectively.
•    It helps you know your performance and improve optimisation strategies.


•    Furthermore, the downside is, this software is moderately slow and clunky at times, especially when working directly on the platform.


5.  SEMRush

One of the giants in PPC marketing, SEMRush, is a competitive analysis tool mainly used for SEO and PPC. Whilst it does all the automation work, it also allows you to organise your keywords into ad groups, search for your competitor's ads and keywords, and analyse your PPC strategy and your competitor's strategy (from keyword lists to spend). You'll be able to see how you benchmark against them so you can adjust your ads to out-rank them. The great thing about these insights is that it helps you develop creative strategies to further enhance your campaigns.

SEMRush advertising toolkit features; it lets you monitor changes, you can easily track your competitors' traffic, manage all your social media accounts, gives you the power to analyse multiple websites. As a competitor's research tool, it offers a Keyword Magic Tool, which helps you find relevant keyword variants for your PPC campaigns. The starting price is £85 as of today.


•    It helps you in detecting keywords gaps between your website and competitors site.
•    It also gives you information related searches and queries related to your target audience.


•    It has over forty advanced tools that might take time to explore concerning cons.
•    In relating to pricing, all plans have 40+ SEO and PPC tools.


6.  Buzzsumo

Competitors' research is at all times a vital part of PPC marketing. Besides all the other platforms' essential features, Buzzsumo has a distinctive competitor's analysis tool. It allows you to enter the competitor's web domain to search for their most commonly-shared content to give you ideas on how to win their audiences. Also, find out what trends are your audiences likening or responding to? It's a content tool that fine-tunes your relevancy and targeting. On top of that, it gives you inspiration for attention-grabbing headlines.

The content you can also view displays who are located on the same network and who has accessed it – plus, you can export the list of accesses. I recommend this professional tool; you can set up alerts for your rivals and monitor your own, and you will receive an e-mail notification each day. Besides, this platform helps you discover the best engagement and content opportunities to attract quality traffic. The starting price for this is £70.


•    It has a convenient user interface. There is a variety of topic suggestions.
•    Plus, this tool allows you to find the most effective publishing time.  It also has the most acceptable option for measuring social shares.


•    Prices are high. Explorer feature can be improved.  
•    More, It will be a significant step if there is an integration with Google AdWords in the future.


7.  Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a great PPC and competitor research tool. With this tool, you can keep an eye on competitor's PPC strategies, a massive database of keywords in its research tool and great traffic analysis combining organic and paid. Essential features of Ahrefs includes; it helps you find the perfect keyword to rank in google. It is one of the best tools to find Google features.  The starting price for this is £70

•    Simple and well designed user interface.
•    It has essential features like research, content explorer – dozens of features than any other tool.
•    Moreover, it has an excellent backlink database that allows you to reveal more backlinks per sites than competitors.


•    The few disadvantages are its impossible to get perfect statistics. And concerning the price. It seems overly expensive.

8.  SpyFu

Moving on, next, we have the SpyFu tool, as the name articulates it best for spying on your competitor's keywords. With the use of this tool, you can boost your PPC campaigns. Well, what's the great thing about SpyFu software? It enables you to find competitors ad spend and paid keywords history, and it offers AdWords templates –import your AdWords account and use. It also groups relatable keywords for each ad group.

What's more, SpyFy lets you display factually efficacious ad copies to fuel your creative strategy and gives intelligent bidding; the only shortcoming is no separate plan just for PPC. Spy Fu all programs have SEO along with PPC tools.  All plans have SEO and PPC tools, and annual is a bit pricey regarding price details. The starting price for this is £23 as of today.


•    SpyFu has easy to use, multipurpose, and friendly interface that anyone can use.
•    It provides you to find keywords and fetch competitors data. Moreover, you can craft various types of ads.


•    It is sometimes unclear how to select profitable keywords based on their recommendations.
•    More manual search is required, and the biggest downside is that it has no separate PPC plan.

9.  Shape

It's a unique tool for all the PPC platforms and campaigns. There are many features available, but the one asset is AutoPilot. It gives advertisers tools to achieve and optimise tons of PPC budgets across Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This tool saves you time. It is entirely consumed by advertisers who want to manage PPC campaigns to grow their leads. In regards to its problems, it cannot track spend across multiple advertising platforms together. You have to click into each account on the platform to see the campaign status. Start for free, upgrade as you scale. The price for the pro is £192.


•    You can pause multiple campaigns based on spend.
•    Easily track spend for any combination of campaigns in one platform.


•    You have to click into each account on the platform to see the campaign status.
•    Plus, it cannot automatically enable campaigns to start the new budget cycle.

10.  Quantic Mind

Succeeding, we have a fully integrated artificial intelligence PPC management tool. The keyword bid management platform offers some profits to advertisers, includes; enhance cost per click, maximise conversions, maximise clicks, and much more.

The tool discovers hidden patterns and different customer buying habits in data. Furthermore, it optimises campaigns management in real-time. The starting price for this is £106 per month.


•    It offers a valuable way to manage and optimise our PPC campaigns. It allows you to control the complication of modern search engine marketing and accelerate traffic.
•    Additionally, it helps you increase revenue, boost profitability and ROI (Return on investment).


•    Sometimes, it gives limited insights into how the bid algorithms make keyword changes.
•    It might miss some features with the interface.

11.  Ispionage

Ispionage is a suitable, competitive research tool and checking platform for affiliates marketers. For instance, to know about the competitors PPC keywords, go straight to the home page, put the name of a competing domain, and this tool will display a report that's packed with valued information. Moreover, to gain a competitive edge in research marketing. It offers accurate, up-to-date information. This PPC tool also enhances competing websites and online marketing efforts. It's the finest tool for analyses and competitive research. The starting price for this is £42


•    Reasonably user friendly
•    It also reveals information about the organic keywords your competitors are using. It also gives you knowledge regarding PPC keywords.
•    It identifies the mainstream and long-tail keywords. It enables consumers to create keyword alerts.


•    The negatives are, it sometimes gives missing data, there is no tracking of display ads, and the free account is limited.

12.  Adalysis

Through this tool, you will get the best PPC campaign recommendations. It helps you to try several different advertisements with ease. And it supplies quantified content ratings and appraisals for ads. It even offers help with broken links, keywords, conflicts, and negative keywords.

Adalysis is entirely for short optimisations, custom monitoring, real-time reporting dashboards, and actionable insights on what you can do to enhance your account. Utilise the tools from Adalysis to set up an ad group, run the test, and check the performance before going forward with the ads.  So, does it help you optimise your PPC accounts? It sure does; give it a try. It has a free 14-day trial, and see for yourself. The starting price for this is £ 71 per month


•    A go-to, accessible  PPC management software
•    It helps you in Google Ad search quick optimisation; the tool combing data and calculating statistical probability give significant insights.


•    It doesn't allow to include or exclude particular campaigns within accounts.
•    Plus, there are so many notifications that sometimes it can be overwhelming until you see the necessary ones.



Taking everything into account, now you know which tool will benefit you. It's enclosed in the post why PPC tools are a fundamental part of affiliate marketing. Consider starting with the free tools and look at how it goes. Do experimentation and see what works best to intensify your affiliates marketing revenue. Remember, knowing these tools can make you one step ahead to accomplishing overall digital marketing goals.

Tool (Bid management. Custom reporting. Ad group creations.) Recommendations  Forecasting   A/B testing  Run campaigns across different channels.  Conversion tracking  Keyword research  Competitive intelligence   Cost  
WordStream         Y N Y Y Can have tracking issues. Y N £39
SEMRush       Y Y Y Y Y Y £85
Optmyzer       Y Y Y Y Y Y N £178
AdEspresso       Y N N Y Y N N £38
Kenshoo      Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Available only on custom plans
Buzzsumo      N N N N Y Y Y £71
Ahrefs      N N N N Y Y Y £70
Spyfu      Y N Y Y Y Y Y £23
Shape   Y N N N Y Y N £214
Quantic Mind   N Y N Y Y Y N £106
Ispionage   Y N Y Y Y Y Y £42
Adalysis       Y Y Y Y Y Y Y £71


Bonus: Free tools already at your disposal

Here we wanted to highlight additional support tools within the automation tools but are free to use. See these as productive tools that focus on different elements of your PPC campaign management. Whilst, they're free, why not try these out?
1.    Google Ads Editor
2.    Bing Ads Editor
3.    Google Keyword Planner
4.    Google Trends
5.    Google Analytics


1.    Google Ads Editor

The AdWords Editor is one of the most frequent PPC campaign tools because it is a no-cost ad generating and creating Editor. In Google AdWords, you can manage ad campaigns and change keywords online and offline. It is easy to understand and an ideal tool for large scale alterations and fixes. Google Ad Editor allows you to manage, edit and view multiple accounts simultaneously. You can search and replace text across campaigns and ad groups. Additionally, you can make numerous changes in large quantities and upload them all at once to take full advantage of efficiency.

Tip! Did you know it allows you to import and export files quickly? Well, this tool makes it trouble-free for you to share your work with co-workers. Moreover, any advertiser with any size account can benefit from this powerful management tool, especially for PPC accounts with a long list of ads and keywords.


2.    Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads Editor, in other words, known as Microsoft advertising, is specifically for Microsoft applications. This platform is almost a direct copy of Google Ads. It offers you to make offline revisions to your ads to upload quickly to the online platform once you get internet access.  Moreover, with this Bing Ad Editor, you can manage your bids, keyword research, and track your performance.  On the contrary, to the above Google Ad Editor, this tool doesn't offer automation tools, and it is not publicly revealed; the one who has access to Bing Ads Account can sign in quickly.


3.    Google Keyword Planner

Next up is Google Keyword Planner, a powerful, handy tool primarily utilised for new accounts. This tool is planned to help you research the right keywords to build your PPC campaigns. It permits you to discover the keywords related to your product and services. This tool is an indispensable means of getting ideas and traffic. It lets you examine the most competitive and suitable keywords online and offline based on your services, website, and product.

What's more, you ask? This dominant tool also allows you to see how many impressions and clicks your keywords might get. Besides, this tool has downsides, like it is a requisite to create an AdWords account; you cannot search for volumes on desktop and mobile separately.


4.    Google Trends

Google trend is a manageable online tool focused primarily on the popularity of a search term. This analytic tool is obtainable for measuring and monitoring internet search data. It allows you to see the results in a search index volume graph.

One of the essential advantages of having google trends is, you get a sight of what kind of keywords to add, what to avoid, and what to plan for in the future. The only issue is that there is a minimum traffic requirement to be highlighted on the website. That implies, if your website doesn't have enough traffic, google trends are of no use.


5.    Google Analytics

Without a doubt, Google makes one of the best PPC management tools. The question is, what makes Google Analytics valuable PPC management software? It provides its users with an impressive in-depth view of their site visitors, and it allows you to recognise where your traffic is coming from and visitor's behaviours.

There are undoubtedly several pros, i.e. You can easily connect your Google Analytics account with your Google ads account. You can collect data from various platforms and sources like commerce connections and more. It helps you in constructing custom reports based on your needs. Its disadvantages make the consumer experience on your website more inconvenient. Plus, it lacks reporting – you don't always have information about where your visitors are from.




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