8 key types of affiliate marketing emails to catch your audience's attention

8 key types of affiliate marketing emails to catch your audience's attention

An insight into email marketing for affiliate marketers.


What’s the biggest change that you’ve made to your marketing strategy recently? For many of us, recent months have presented unique challenges and difficulties in the workplace, which have caused a lot of changes to the world of online content marketing. In particular, marketing teams have had to think on their feet while working from home or dealing with limited working hours. Capturing the attention of an audience is never easy, but having to do it with exclusively online methods or limited resources is much harder. 2020 and 2021 have, as a result, played host to some truly creative digital marketing ideas.

One form of marketing campaigns, in particular, that’s gone through somewhat of a renaissance recently is email marketing. Throughout these turbulent times, email marketing has proven to be one of the most reliable and versatile ways of getting information across to customers. No matter your business style, you’re bound to have seen email marketing in action.

In this blog post, we’re going to be taking a look at email marketing in more depth. We’ll be exploring the topic as a whole as it relates to affiliate marketing, looking at;

●  Why email marketing is important for affiliate work
●  The key types of email marketing campaigns
●  The features and benefits of different email styles.

We hope you find this piece insightful for your next digital marketing strategy session.


  • Why is email marketing important for affiliate work?
  • What are the different types of email marketing campaigns?
  • The best types of email marketing types for affiliate marketers
  • Transactional emails
  • Educational emails
  • Newsletters/topical emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Feedback emails
  • Seasonal marketing emails
  • Collaborative emails
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Why is email marketing important for affiliate work?

importance of email marketing for affiliates

To start off with, let’s take a quick look at why email marketing is something that you simply cannot afford to miss out on working with this year. Many of you reading this will have already worked with email marketing to some degree, but there is a surprising amount of content creators and business owners who haven’t worked with it yet.

Firstly, email marketing is a great way to keep people up to date with the latest developments in your company or on your website. Email campaigns is a low-cost, efficient tool to rely on when you want to keep your customers in the loop, and it can help to save you time when promoting new developments on other channels, too.

Another benefit of working with email marketing campaigns is that it’s incredibly easy to measure and analyse. Email marketing management systems have built in analytics pages which are perfect for measuring the success of a campaign. Moreover, techniques like split testing can help to improve email marketing campaigns even further.

Email marketing work can also help to push your brand’s identity and personality further, too. Creating personable content like news round-ups, blog posts and employee testimonials is a great way to show your audience the personality behind the screen. Properly curated email campaigns can help to develop your online identity immensely.

Following this point, working on your email marketing  campaign strategy can help to develop your relationship with your audience further, too. Using tools like feedback emails or collaborative emails can encourage open discussion with your audience, and show them that you’re truly listening to what they have to say about your brand and products.

All in all, if you’ve never worked with email marketing campaigns then now is the perfect time to start. Whether you want to push products, learn more about your audience or gather more readers for your website, properly built email campaigns can be a truly fantastic tool.


What are the different types of email marketing campaigns?

types of email campaigns

Now that we’ve jumped into why email marketing is so essential to consider as part of a modern digital strategy, email marketing is one of the important types of digital marketing. let’s take a look at the different types of email marketing for affiliates in more depth. We’ve handpicked 8 key types to consider, along with their key features and benefits, and how they’re suitable for almost every kind of business.

The best types email marketing types for affiliate marketers...

Transactional emails

transactional emails

To start off with, transactional emails can be hugely important for businesses in 2021. Put simply, this kind of email relates to a transaction or process on the website in question. For example, a transactional email could relate to a product sale notification, a password reminder or even an online event request.

Transactional emails can be relatively simple to set up and write, as they’re very product/service oriented in nature. They should be simple, punchy and informative, giving your audience clear instructions on how to engage with the product. Putting in other CTAs is ok, but don’t overwhelm the piece with too many or the reader may not complete the transaction.

A good example of how to use transactional emails with your work is personalised product notifications. As an example, consider an out of stock notification. Perhaps one of the products that you’re an affiliate for has gone out of stock and your audience can’t find it- why not have an email notification SignUp button? It’s a simple yet effective way to engage with people.


Educational emails

educational emails

Another brilliant way to use email marketing with affiliate work is by creating educational content. This may sound odd at first as it is not a direct sales push for any products or services, but it’s an exceptional way to build trust with your audience. It also helps to provide them with genuine value in the long run, too.

Educational email marketing content can take longer to write and put together, so it’s worth planning ahead of time if you want to do this. You could cover your products from an educational perspective, or put together a thought piece that links to a blog post on your website, for example. The key is to come across authoritative, but supportive.

One of the best ways to use educational emails is to keep up with current industry topics, and use these as starting points for your writing process. For example, a beauty affiliate marketer might pick up on the fact that CBD and caffeine are hero products in the industry right now, and create an email that summarises the features and benefits of these ingredients.

Newsletters/topical emails

newsletters/topical emails

Affiliate marketing teams and creators can benefit immensely from putting together quickfire, topical newsletters on a regular basis, too. This is a great way to keep your audience up to date with what’s happening on your website and in the know with industry developments, too. It also helps to present your brand as being thought leaders, too.

Newsletters require a quick content creation process, so it’s worth keeping tabs of the latest stories as you head throughout the week. Keep a note of all the latest updates, developments and launches in your particular niche, and set aside a particular time in the week to work on your newsletter email series.

The most important thing to remember with newsletters is that it has to be consistent. If you want to establish your email marketing list as the place to go for up to date news and developments, there should be a specific post time and delivery date that people come to expect every week, without fail.

If you wanted to increase your engagement with this particular type of content, we’d recommend pairing it with some social media work. For example, why not use the Instagram question box feature and ask people what themes they’d like to see you cover in your next newsletter? It’s a great way to increase the detail and depth of your work online.

Abandoned cart emails

abandoned cart emails

This is a relatively new concept, and it’s a very effective one. Nowadays, you can hook up your website to send emails to people who leave products in their shopping cart. These emails can act as a humorous or personable reminder to come back to shop with your brand, and they can do a lot of work for your conversions, too.

If you’re considering putting abandoned cart emails into your strategy, consider pairing it with a discount or incentive. After all, they most likely left your site for a reason- so give them a small discount, a bargain or a promotion to encourage them to come back.

It could be worth split testing here, to make sure that your abandoned cart emails are working as effectively as possible. Try offering two simultaneous discounts, for example, or offering one email with a discount and one without a promotion. Track how they perform against each other, and use this to guide your hand while putting together future pieces.

Seasonal marketing emails

seasonal marketing emails

Seasonal marketing campaigns are always a good idea, providing that you plan them well and create genuine value for your customers along the way. This translates well to email marketing, and can be incredibly effective for selling products and promoting affiliate links. If you’ve never made a seasonal campaign, now would be the time to start planning.

It’s important to get your ideas down on paper before the actual holiday or season arrives- after all, there’s a reason why stores start promoting Christmas content in September nowadays. For example, it’s early April at the time of writing this. Now would be a great time to start planning a summer campaign and putting together content for that.

Planning out long term campaigns is also an essential move if you want to truly capitalise on your seasonal content and campaigns. Make sure to plan your initial email, any follow-up ones and some thoughtful CTAs, in order to truly capture the attention of your audience and make an impact on them this season.

Seasonal email campaigns also work exceptionally well in tandem with social media marketing campaigns, too. Why not put together an Instagram post series and utilise the ‘swipe up’ feature on your story to get more email signups? You could promote both parties equally on your page, showing your audience why they should care.

Collaborative emails

collaborative emails

Collaborations are an interesting thing to consider in marketing, and they can actually translate nicely to affiliate marketing emails. Working with another content creator or brand opens up an entirely new market, and can help to diversify your own audience, too. If you’re looking to try a new type of content, a collaborative email campaign could be just the ticket.

A good way to start with this would be to put together blog posts for the other person's site, and have them do this for yours, too. Then, you can set up an email to promote your blog on the other website and an email to promote their blog on your website. It’s a mutually beneficial way of putting together a collaboration.

Of course, it’s essential to make sure that you collaborate with people that you trust and brands that you can rely on. If you do reach out to another brand or creator in order to work on a collaborative email campaign with them, make sure that you spend some time getting to grips with their existing work and their personality, too.

Lead nurturing emails

lead nurturing emails

Out of all the email types listed here, this is one of the most popular ones. Lead nurturing emails are one of the best kinds of content that you can have at your disposal as an affiliate content creator. They involve having a deep understanding of your target market, and developing a chain of cohesive emails to bring cold leads into your sales funnel effectively.

The most important thing to bear in mind when putting together lead nurturing email campaigns is that they have to be cohesive. If you want to see effective, long term results from this kind of content, it’s essential to make sure that you plan it all out on paper and consider how it will look in practice. Look at content themes, email dates and schedules.

Split testing is also important to consider with long term campaigns. Data analysis may not seem like the most fascinating thing in the world, but it can make or break an email campaign. Don’t be afraid to try out new things with your lead nurturing campaigns, but make sure to keep track of how they perform over time.

Feedback emails

feedback emails

Feedback and brand performance emails may not seem like the best way to promote a product or affiliate link, but they are fantastic for showing your audience that you truly care about their opinions. This can help to deepen the relationship with your audience, encouraging them to support your brand over time and promote it naturally, too.

Moreover, putting together feedback emails can truly help you to guide your work in the right direction, too. Sure, that new font you’re using looks wonderful to you- but if 600 people reply to your feedback email saying it’s illegible, it’s probably time to change. Getting crowd feedback is immensely helpful when working online.

One of the most useful ways to get feedback from your audience via email marketing is by creating a simple survey, using a tool like Survey Monkey. Simple, visually appealing surveys can almost gamify the response process for your audience, and they can provide plenty of data to analyse and work through, too.  

If you’re looking to do feedback emails in this manner, it’s worth making this a long term part of your strategy. For example, every time you launch a new series of products or content, send out a quick email series to gauge how people feel about it. It’ll show people that you value their opinion, and encourage more feedback and engagement down the line, too.

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As you can see, there are a plethora of wonderful ways to capture your audience’s attention with email marketing campaigns. Whether you want to create content that’s educational, entertaining or both, email marketing is a tried and tested way of creating work that will keep your customers engaged over time.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or influencer without an email marketing campaign, why not set one up today? There are plenty of fantastic email marketing providers that can help you to set up a quick first campaign, and it’s simple to add a sign-up link at the bottom of any website pages or blog posts that you might be creating.

For those of you with email marketing strategies already, now is the time to experiment. Experiment with the best email marketing types for affiliates covered above. People are still readjusting to the current working climate, with some back in the office and some still out of it. Treat this as the time to experiment with new email forms and content ideas, to see what your audience truly enjoys engaging with.

This was a brilliant topic to write about, and we hope you found it useful for your work. Are you looking for a source of more blog posts and guides like this? If so, do make sure to check out our full website here. Here at RevGlue, we’re dedicated to supporting affiliate marketers, influencers and publishers- and we’re sure you’ll love our work.

If you’d like to get in contact with a member of our team to find out more about how our services could help you out today, please do feel free to contact us here- we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have.


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