Top 10 copywriting tools for affiliate marketing success

Top 10 copywriting tools for affiliate marketing success

We share with you what are the best copywriting tools


There are some great copywriting tools on the market at the moment.

Any successful publisher turned affiliate will tell you that high-quality copywriting is essential to the success of their affiliate marketing campaign, and copywriting tools have made the process easier.

Search engine optimised (SEO) copywriting is one of the best tools for driving traffic to your site, and straight to your affiliate links. Affiliate marketing relies on a clear and targeted content strategy, and compelling online copywriting is essential in this whole process. Our experts have critically analysed what software do copywriters use to give you information on what are the best tools for copywriters or affiliates.



What Is Copywriting?

Before we start, let's answer: What does a copywriter do?

Technically copywriters write marketing copy for the purpose of promoting products and services. For example, they may write a new rhyme about the latest jeans in the market for an advert, or come up with new taglines.  

How do you start copywriting?

Great copywriting is effectively a call to action, it’s how great content writers get consumers to take action after reading the content. Effective copywriting for affiliate marketers influences how the target consumer thinks and responds to a brand or service. Using words in the best possible way, copywriting can finds words that resonate with the audience. Through the power of copywriting great connections can be made, leading to brand awareness and visibility – a prerequisite for any affiliate marketer.

Great copywriting will:

  • Engage readers
  • Boost traffic to your site
  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Increase the visibility of your conversion links
  • Avoids jargon and clickbait
  • Build trust and authority with your target audience
  • Persuade your audience to click on your affiliate links
  • Drive profitability


Great copywriting is not easy, it requires skill and accuracy. However, automated copywriting tools or copywriting generators are making the process of copywriting easier for affiliates, enabling them to produce great sales copy very easily. So what tools do copywriters use?
Let’s have a look at the top 10 copywriting tools out there to ensure you have the best sales copy, and to help you choose the right tool for your affiliate marketing campaign. 

1. Copy AI

AI is the latest buzzword in the affiliate copywriting tools world. For bulk content, Copy AI saves time and money as it produces content for you that has consistent style and structure. For someone with multiple affiliate links, the AI copywriting tools such as this means you can generate specific copywriting content for each affiliate product quickly without having to sit and write for hours. The software used GPT-3 to produce content that seems authentic, all the affiliate needs to do is provide phrases, words, and descriptions.


  • Produces content quickly
  • Saves time
  • Saves copywriter costs
  • Consistency in wording and approach



  • Not as useful for content that needs highly emotive writing
  • Less room to be creative


2. Wordtune

Wordtune is another well-produced copywriting software. It does what it says – retunes your words. It works with you to enhance the content, rewording and rephrasing your content to ensure that the tone, meaning, and flow are smooth and clear.


  • Great for publishers who want to write their own content
  • Saves time choosing the right words
  • Fine-tunes your writing
  • Helps repurpose content
  • Enables consistent and creative writing



  • Does not write the content for you
  • Rewording needs to be checked


3. Copysmith

Copysmith is a great tool if you want to scale your marketing campaign, it tailors your marketing and can drive traffic to your site. Copysmith is a handy copywriter software as it helps produce well-performing product descriptions, landing pages, blogs, and taglines.


  • Great for teams
  • All copy is kept in one place
  • Can generate copy that is time-consuming such as Frequently Asked Questions and multiple product descriptions
  • Consistent content



  • Not as user friendly as some of the other copywriting tools on the market
  • Can be costly for lone affiliates
  • Content needs to be checked for accuracy

4. Writesonic

Writesonic is an SEO copywriting tool. It provides affiliates with templates they can use to generate copywriting content. The template requires the affiliate to insert some description and will use that wording to generate copy samples for the affiliate to review. Writesonic focuses on ranking and SEO and can generate landing pages, ads, and great sales copy.


  • Best for affiliates who want automated content such as generic emails and meta descriptions
  • Produces content quickly
  • Great for generating landing pages
  • Consistency in wording and approach
  • Provides multiple copies of content for you to choose from



  • Some of the best features are only reserved for premium subscriptions
  • Not many templates to choose from
  • Quality needs to be checked

5. Hemingway App


Hemingway is a great tool that is used by copywriters consistently. It not only checks the readability of your written content, but it also reduces wordiness and ensures that the content grabs the attention of the reader quickly. As an affiliate marketer, you need copywriting content that is compelling and engaging quickly, otherwise, you will get readers to your site but they will bounce away. This is a great article rewriting tool to help you enhance your existing content.PROS

  • Provides metrics such as readability scoring
  • Highlights problems with written content so you can amend
  • Checks grammar, sentence structure, and flow
  • Focuses on making written content more impactful and concise



  • Not as useful for long content such as e-books
  • Requires affiliates to write the content
  • Not as useful for writers who have a lot of grammatical errors
  • Content will still need to be checked



6. Hubspot – Blog Topic Generator

One of the most time-consuming aspects of copywriting online is creating blog posts, titles and topics. The Hubspot Blog Topic Generator enables bloggers to create blog titles and topics so that as an affiliate you never run out of ideas. All you need to do as an affiliate is enter your chosen nouns into the generator and it will come up with some inspiration for you.


  • Produces titles and ideas quickly
  • Saves time
  • Is free to use
  • Very easy to use



  • Does not research any keywords so you have to research and insert them in the generator
  • Sometimes produces automated content that needs checking manually for quality
  • Some features are only limited to landing pages and website pages (ie multi-language content)


7. Literature and Latte

Literature and Latte is a software tool that was developed by writers for writers. It not only helps with copywriting, but it also helps writers in the early stages of content writing such as brainstorming ideas and mind-map drawing.


  • Provides guidance on structure and planning
  • Facilitates ongoing editing in real-time
  • Increases productivity
  • Enables writers to write creatively



  • More useful for longer content such as books
  • Requires writer to produce ideas and keywords
  • Can be slow to use



8. Wynter

Wynter is a tool that focuses on finding and converting what is calls ‘best-fit customers’.This means it uses message testing to obtain qualitative insights into what your potential audience thinks of your products and services. With audience research becoming an ever-more valuable tool for affiliates, it makes sense to use a tool that provides you with important insights into how your audience fees.

This enables affiliates to tailor their content and message directly to the needs and requirements of their target consumer. Wynter is a form of market research allowing affiliates to test their message with target consumers.


  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • Works best for business-to-business marketing
  • Focuses on finding the best-fit customers
  • Provides insights into what your audience likes



  • Can be expensive
  • No control over the panellists responses


9. Airstory

Airstory is effectively a document builder using the drag-and-drop method. This means as a blogger and affiliate you can write better and faster. It works well for writers who work independently or those who work collaboratively in teams.

You can use ready-written templates as the basis for your content and break your content projects down.


  • Good for marketing teams
  • Great tool for collaborative working between bloggers
  • Multi-person editing tool
  • Provides ability to clip and store blog research
  • Provides customisable templates



  • Some chrome plugins are not compatible with Airstory
  • Some consider it not very user-friendly


    10. Coschedule

    For any copywriting content to make an impact, it needs a catchy and engaging headline. If you want to ensure that your headline is optimised and analysed before it goes live on your website then Coschedule will provide you with valuable information so you can amend the headline.


    • Good for marketing teams
    • Easy and intuitive to use
    • Provides guidance on optimising headline word count
    • Analyses SEO scoring



    • Not intuitive to use
    • Scheduling option is hit and miss
    • Template changes need to be done manually




    Successful affiliate marketing campaigns rely on compelling copywriting. Engaging content can attract customers and increase conversion rates, but affiliates need to make sure their copywriting is well-produced and in order to do so they should ensure that the content is:

    • Relevant
    • Focused
    • Engaging
    • Keyword-researched
    • Valuable to consumers
    • Consistent


    All the online copywriting tools mentioned above are useful, but as with any online tool, affiliates should always read and check any content they use to ensure the tone, structure and message aligns with their affiliate marketing campaign. Tools will save you time and money and enhance your marketing strategy, making it more driven and focused.

    The goal of any good copy is to get consumers to take action – to click, buy, enrol and sign up.  Effective copywriting draws in the audience with content that markets directly to consumers, and the tools available on the market mean that affiliates do not have to spend extensive time and research on producing top-quality written content.


    Name Price Monthly Other Monthly Plans
    Copy AI $35 per month (annual payment) $49 (if monthly payments made)
    Wordtune $9.99  
    Copysmith 16 $50 monthly Professional Plan
    $424 monthly Superior Plan
    Writesonic $10 currently but normally $25 $89 Professional Package (sometimes reduced with offers)
    Hemingway App $19.99 (one off payment)  
    Hubspot 35 $560 Professional
    $3200 Enterprise
    Literature and Latter £47.00 $39.95 (Students)
    Wynter $99 – value proposition test $249 full-page message test
    Airstory 25 $125 – Heavy Duty Writer
    Coschedule $9 – 5 headlines $29 – 20 headlines
    $49 – 60 headlines


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