What are the best affiliate niches in 2022 to make money?

What are the best affiliate niches in 2022 to make money?

We curate the most profitable niches for Affiliate Marketing. For influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, website owners and app developers to help monetise their content channels. 

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon of trending product niches such as headscarves that are skyrocketing in popular fashion platforms or athleisure apparel, where people want to be able to wear versatile comfortable clothes that can be worn at home or the gym. However, this can only give you short-term income. And if these ‘fads’ are here to stay, we want to capitalise on those because they will strengthen the ‘profitability’ of your content and generate long term income. Especially as you’ll be investing your energy and resource to enhancing your content over the long run, which should occupy your product niches so they fit in nicely. 

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, and to achieve success, it’s best to work on niches that have the potential to give you a substantial cash flow. So without further ado, here are our top twenty niches for affiliate marketing.


  1. Travel
  2. Fashion
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Productivity
  5. Finance and investment
  6. Technology
  7. Online Dating
  8. Home decor



We all daydream about sunbathing near the glittering, blue Mediterranean sea or riding a camel across the sandy dunes of the Arabian peninsula. If you’re really passionate about travelling, perhaps you can relive those experiences vicariously when creating your travel content. There is a wide range of subcategories you can explore in this area too; from hotels, clothing to city tours. 

Some of the best travel affiliate programs include Expedia (earn up to 11% commission),  Lonely Planet Referral Program (earn up to 15% commission), TripAdvisor Affiliate Program (earn up to 50% commission) and TravelPayOuts. 

And for inspiration, here are some of the top travel bloggers we adore! 

FollowTheBoat, GlobalHelpSwap, JourneyWoman, Emily Luxton and Oneika The Traveller.


2. Fashion

One of the reasons this category is highly lucrative is because of the popularity of fashion influencers on Instagram. Whether that’s the exclusive Yeezy or the desirable chanel handbag, people look towards fashionista experts to share their unique and aesthetic take on style and trends. As you can imagine, the sub-niches are endless, from sleeveless knitwear, puff sleeve corsets to sock boots. If you can inspire others with your taste, here are some of the best fashion affiliate programs to get you started;  Zaful (upto 40% commissions), Nordstrom (earn up to 20% commissions), Harrods (averaging 5% commission).

And for inspiration, some of our favourite fashion influencers (we’re sure you’ve heard of them already!): Camila Coehlo, Chiara Ferragni and Cole Sprouse.


3. Health and fitness

So many have wished to be a Gymshark athlete or idolised fitness gurus that show off their amazing physiques. We often try to personalise their knowledge and plans to fit our body type or lifestyle. Anything to do with exercising, organic eating, supplements, weight loss is so important for us to ensure we have a healthy body and live long. This is an area where you can target a sub-niche and ensure you cover concerns and issues so audiences can gather useful knowledge to help them apply it to their lives.  If this is the path you’ve already taken or want to take, here are some good Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs; Nike (only 1% commission on sales) however demand is high, MyProtein (earn up to 8%), Lululemon (upto 7% commission) and Beachbody (a 15% commission).

If you want to boost your motivation, here are some fitness experts; Ryan Libbey, Kayla Itsines and Mark Hyman.


4. Productivity

If you are obsessed or rather, you read self-improvement books from Atomic Habits to Thinking fast to slow, then this is up to your street. Generally, people want to better themselves in their desired field, and the busier and successful, we get, the more efficient and effective we want to become. So to address our needs, we look for hacks, philosophies or skill-sharing to maximise the benefit we are after. This is also an area that is saturated, so picking a sub-niche and excelling in that, is a wise idea. Some examples could be mind and thinking, how to get more done in little time or thinking positive. 

Some productivity Affiliate programs to help you reach your full potential in Affiliate marketing: Skillshare (Earn £6 in commission), Canva (up to £35 per subscriber) and Shift (earn up to 20% commission). 

And if you haven’t followed them already, here are our favourites; Ali Abdaal, Simon Sinek and The female hustlers.


5. Finance and investment 

So many of us are in debt and we crave financial freedom, this is why personal finance and investment is evolving heavily, with so many tactics and methods being shared online. If you are a finance guru, with a knack for stock market bidding or have a strong understanding on investment schemes or money management then this is where you can thrive. This is a place you can make a lot of money by helping others save and invest theirs. So here we go, here are some Finance Affiliate Programs to get you started; Earn between £50-£100 per lead with Gusto, Lending Tree Affiliate Program (earn upto £50 per lead) and Lifelock (earn upto £80 per lead). 

Or, if you are looking for ways to stand out, see what others are doing from the likes of Paul Lewis, Tiffany Aliche, Kevin O’Leary and Allison Baggerly.


6. Technology

The tech industry is so varied and expensive however, there are lot of scope for making high commissions. Drones, GoPros, Smart Technology, Google Glasses and augmented reality, the list is endless. When it’s widely adopted, it has the potential to dramatically impact our lives (mostly for the better) and we see it permeate in every aspect of our lives. AI and technological innovation are regularly breaking the news, and if this excites you and you like to try the latest in gadgets or tech then this is for you. 

If you want to join Affiliate Programs to help you monetise your tech content, here are some which we recommend: Sonos (earn up to 8% commissions), GoPro (earn upto 5%), DJI Drones (earn between 5%-8% commissions) and Trackimo (upto20% commissions). 

And some influencers to give you ideas on your tech content or campaigns; Marques Brownlee, Unbox therapy, Sara Dietschy, Gaurav Chaudhary and Jessica Naziri.


7. Online dating

Online dating is a growing industry, where lovers explore dating apps to improve their chances of finding love. In a research, 45% of UK respondents said they use dating apps to find a long-term partner. When love is a primal need and goal, it is not surprising this industry is growing so rapidly and at the same time so profitable. Many look to sub-categories from dating strategies, relationship strengthening, or content that’s geared to specific demographics such as profession, religion, interest or age. If you are a charmer when it comes to love, then maybe this is where you can share your advice and tips to help people find success. So, if you want to get started, here are some online dating affiliate programs worth exploring; eHarmony (20%-50% commission rate), Chemistry.com (earn up to 75% per sale) and Single Parent Match (with 40% per sale). 

And for some loveable influencers for inspiration; Elizabeth Earnshaw, Connor Beaton, Dr Diane and Jay Shetty.


8. Home decor

If materials, colours, styles inspire interior makeover, then this is a high ticket affiliate marketing niche you should use as a secondary stream of income. From marble countertops, industrial doors and freestanding bathtubs, people are always either redecorating their pad or to a lesser extent looking to replace furniture and change wall colours. What’s more, this niche offers to pay between £80 and £160 per sale. Here are some examples of profitable home décor affiliate programs; Wayfair (earn upto 7% commission on sales), Etsy at (5% per sale), Minted (earn up to 20% commission on each sale) and AromaTech (20% per sale). 

And for inspiration on home décor bloggers or enthusiasts; Grace, Becki Owens, Amber Lewis, Farah Merhi and Leanne Ford. 


Wrap up

If you’ve been looking for the best niche areas to start Affiliate marketing or monetise your existing social media, website, app or blog then the above should help you launch more successfully. Whilst we have shared the niches that will give high returns, it is important to note to explore the sub-niches in detail to see what fits with you and also be subtle when selling, so follow our digital marketing blogs to help you expand your reach which should turn into sales for you and lastly, make sure you are passionate about the niche you are creating content for. 

If you are looking for more guidance on affiliate marketing, subscribe to our blog where we share the latest trends, tips and advice to help you succeed.


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