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Slick UK Deals Project Case Study

It is a shopping tool that does it all. The largest and most trusted deal-sharing community that finds you the best deals, coupons, and cashback.

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The Problem

Slick UK deals wanted a new affiliate website, which includes a large database of top UK ecommerce stores. So, that bargain hunters can find and compare discounts, coupons and offers available across thousands of stores.So, they contacted RevGlue to discuss options and solutions available.

The SlickUK Deals team contacted RevGlue to discuss their problem in order to search for possible solutions. There were ?ve key challenges identi?ed during the initial review meetings.

The 5 Key Challenges


Slick UK Deals had difficulty onboarding affiliate partners to get access to amazing products and various categories across different affiliate verticals.


Slick UK Deals had a lack of internal resources to develop a well-designed, functional website which is intuitive, with a SEO friendly structure.


Slick UK Deals wanted to remove the negative perceptions of discounted, comparison websites. And wanted to make it easy for users to search mobile or broadband deals.


Slick UK Deals wanted integrations with several affiliate networks and service providers to make it a true bargain hunters paradise with the comparison facility.


Slick UK Deals wanted users to register and get weekly hot deals in their email that are up to 70% reduced from the top retailers.

The RevGlue Approach. Understanding, planning and start of the project.

After detail meetings with the client and fully understand the client needs, RevGlue start working on the project by keeping in mind the full project scale, the challanges they’ll face and the key factors from the first phase till the end of project implementation. Revglue business analysts take the responsibility for bridging the gap between the client and the companyand deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders.

UX Research

Customer Experience
Customer Journey
User-Centered Design
User Interface (UI)
User Experience

UX Research Findings

People love discounts, exclusive offers and rewards.

Customers want the best deals from brands, not the brand itself.

Online shopping is already the future of buying and selling stuff.

Discounted price + cashback is the dream of every online shopper.

Users want online shopping experience hassle free and cheap.

Thousands of stores and brands with millions of products.

Tools & Technologies

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Project Duration & Stats

  • 03 months
  • 20+ UI Designs
  • 5 Team Members

The Solution

Our full-scale team of designers, developers and project managers fully understood their unique business model and needs and thereafter, customised and created a new price comparison site offering last minute deals on products, discounted coupons, and price comparison on mobiles, broadband and utilities for UK bargain hunters.
Our team is an ongoing affiliate partner, and work on every technical aspect of the website and data integration to help them flourish. We are a fully managed solution and tech provider and are always working and developing on any new interactive modules to assist with their project requirements.
We aggregated over 5,000 UK stores and integrated this data with Slick UK Deals, allowing their customers to save money online. This large database helps to retain and attract new and returning visitors.
We have developed the interface so that the platform allows users to search deals based in their area and compare features across different verticals to help them make the best decision and not just on price itself. This is perfect solution, as it lowers the barriers of users switching to other websites as all options are in one place. Plus, it makes it easy for shoppers to easily know the differing competing prices across stores.
We have also created mobile apps on iOS so users can browse, compare and shop on the go. The design was created based on the needs of the app users too. Additionally, we provided Chrome, Safari and Firefox browser extensions that ensure the user will never miss a cashback opportunity even when they are shopping through the search engines.

New UI Designs

Prototypes were produced and sent togather any feedback as we wanted to ensure our clients were happy. We created different variations and inceptions to help build a solid base for the website wireframe and design, and to understand the clients thoughts.


The Slick UK Deals was designed and developed in three core phases:

Phase 1

The first phase of eight weeks consisted of expanding the capabilities of the website, developing and designing it so that it has an integration functionality with access to thousands of UK stores, giving the website the ability to dynamically display the latest, last minute deals and offers.

Phase 2

The second phase of six weeks consisted of developing a price comparison module, giving users the ability to not only compare prices but features across energy, loans, mortgage, broadband and more. Our solution also allows them to switch instantly, if they wish to go ahead with another supplier.

Phase 3

The last phase meant our team of designers worked on the UI, to make for easier navigation to find the best deals they have in mind and to easily save and share these on their social media or on the website itself. They developed a skin that is simple yet effective.

RevGlue was and still is responsible for all design, development and integration with the price comparison deals, and the hosting of the Slick UK Deals website. We completed the project in only 14 weeks to launch the website ready for the festive period, when more shoppers are looking for the best deals.


Slick UK Deals is a dynamic, responsive price comparison and last-minute deals website, facilitating users to compare andsave money in seconds. We collaborated with the client to ensure we can pool any useful information and knowledge to help us create and develop a website and app that was the most effective as possible. Following our meetings, we combined the knowledge we gathered with online research for inspiration and to understand user behaviour. This helped us use our findings to create a website that facilitates an easy journey as well as increase stickiness and time spent on the page.