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How do i use banners UK data?

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How do i use banners UK data?   

We have collected all the available banners from the participating affiliate networks and affiliate programs for you so you can extract them in one file or api format. We offer csv, Json and xml export. 

These banners contain your affiliate network IDs so you will earn 100% commission on each sale. These banners can be used for your website or mobile app banner placements. 

There is no revenue share option available on data modules so you only pay 30 GBP per month and earn 100% commissions on each sale. 

Follow these simple steps to obtain banners UK data.

1 - Create an account with RevGlue.com that is free. 
2 - Go to Data module menu on the left, select add new data module and click on banners UK subscription.
3 - Pay the invoice with your debit/credit card and get full access to the module.
4 - Add your affiliate network ID's that will be provided in deeplinks on each banner on data export option for you.
5 - Select the stores against which you wish to have the banners in your export file. Please note that only stores here showing are those which are provided by the affiliate networks you wish to work with in point 4. So to get full list of stores available, make sure you provide affiliate ID's of your affiliate networks in the previous step.
5 - Go to export and you can download the data in csv, Json or XML format. 

Thank You.. 

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22 May 202011:53 AM Banners data is available in the following modules.

1 - Data Sets
Subscribe it free for the first 30 days. Use your own affiliate IDs and earn 100% commission from your affiliate network accounts. You can also provide Skimlinks ID to obtain all the banners.

2 - RevSocial
Browse and share store banner on your social networks. This publisher tool is free to use and you can earn 80% commission on each sale.

3 - RevAds
Create dynamic banner ads that auto rotates based on your banner selections. This publisher tool is free to use and you can earn 80% commission on each sale.

You can use banners data for your websites, blogs of apps. The banners are available in all sizes to cater your website requirements.