All of your affiliate marketing questions answered

All of your affiliate marketing questions answered

Many people have asked questions relating to Affiliate Marketing with RevGlue. Our team has read, collated and answered some of the most popular questions here. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for or have a question unanswered, ask us here at




What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is best described as a form of collaborative marketing that includes a business or brand, and an affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer (this could be a social media influencer, YouTuber, blogger, or website owner) advertises and promotes the brand’s product on their platform and earns a commission for sales generated.



How does affiliate marketing work?

The way the affiliate marketing model works is as follows:

  • The affiliate marketer shows their followers/audience a link or advert for a product on the platform/website
  • Follower clicks on the link that takes them to the store
  • The clicks are all tracked by the company and the affiliate marketer 
  • Follower purchases the product 
  • The affiliate marketer is paid a commission for helping the brand to generate a sale

As a starting point, affiliate marketing requires the marketer to advertise, refer, link and promote a product or service.  Every time a follower or customer clicks on the affiliate link the affiliate marketer is able to earn a commission.  This is a win-win situation for both the brand and the affiliate marketer, as the brand is able to tap into the audience of the marketer, and the affiliate marketer is able to collaborate with the brand and earn passive income. 

For small businesses or publishers, RevGlue offers supreme affiliate marketing tools that support the business and help them to monetise for blogs, websites, and apps.



How can you launch an affiliate marketing business as a publisher and as a business?

The first place to start is to decide on what platform and method you want to use.  Different affiliate marketers work in different platforms including:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok
  • Own Website/blog
  • Facebook

Once you have chosen your platform you should then start building an audience.  The best way to build an audience is to ensure that you have a niche you can create content around.  Having a niche means you can zero in on that category and create content that is authentic and meaningful for your audience.

It also means that when you present ads and affiliate links your audience is more likely to click the links and increase your sale conversion rate.  For example, if you love being in the kitchen you might want to focus on a cooking niche.  You could then focus your affiliate marketing strategy on links relating to kitchen equipment ad gadgets.  Inserting the links in content based around food and recipes. 

As a business, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a massive brand, you can either create your own affiliate program or you can join an affiliate network that links businesses and affiliate marketers. 

RevEmbed helps you monetise your website by setting up a free affiliate website quickly and efficiently that facilitates shopping directories, comparison sites, and daily deals (amongst others). 

RevEmbed will revenue generating content directly into your site making it easier for you to earn.



How easy is it to earn passive income from affiliate marketing by working from home?

Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the easiest ways of earning passive income online.  Why is this?  It’s because affiliate marketing is:

  • Easy to set up
  • Low cost when it comes to setting up
  • Low risk 
  • Has a high return on investment
  • Flexible

Once the link is set up on your platform there is very little additional work for you to do.  You can continue to earn a commission whenever someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase.   There is no limit to what you can earn, and the income is considered passive as there is hardly any work to do once the link is live. 


Why your hobbies and interests are important in affiliate marketing

Hobbies can lead to a successful marketing career.  There are many successful YouTube gamers who have earned millions by playing games and using affiliate links for gaming equipment.

Think about all those beauty and fashion Instagrammers such as those who have created successful careers simply by reviewing makeup brands and earning income through affiliate links.

If you have a hobby such as gardening, gaming, makeup, fashion, cooking or reading then this means you are passionate about it.  You can create genuine and relevant content relating to your hobby.

Research the market and see what gaps there are in the market and see how you can fill them.  It is likely that your audience will ask you questions about your hobby if you are promoting a product linked to it, so knowing your niche and your audience means you can engage authentically and provide useful content and information.



Why you need a niche for affiliate marketing success

Finding a niche means you can become more profitable, quickly.  By deciding on a niche (hopefully one linked to an interest or hobby you have) means you can connect to brands and affiliate programs within that niche.  It also means that the links you present to your audience are more likely to lead to sales.

For example, if your blog relates to the gardening niche you can link up with brands that sell gardening equipment.  It is likely that the gardening content in your blog already has the attention of garden enthusiasts.  However, if you put an affiliate link for a motorbike in your gardening blog there would probably be very few clicks from your audience who are there to read about gardening.



How much money do i need to start?

The answer to this question is that to start as an affiliate marketer you do not need to spend any money.  What you need is access to the internet.

RevGlue acts as a one-stop-shop for affiliates looking to get started, offering numerous free tools to start earning.  All you need to do is register with RevGlue to access all their affiliate tools. Once you subscribe to the RevGlue website you will have access to customised plugins and data sets to track and enhance your affiliate programs.

Click here to get started on your free 30 day trial.



How can i start earning from home?

One of the best ways to earn money from home is to become an affiliate marketer.  As long as you have access to a computer and Wi-Fi then you can start earning. In fact, some people refer to affiliate marketing as earning whilst you sleep.

Create content on a platform of your choice, build that content around your niche, and work on ways to increase traffic to your site/platform.  Then choose products that your audience will be interested in.  Every time they click on your affiliate links, you could potentially be earning commission.  Track, test and measure the success of your links so you can focus on those that earn well, and remove those that do not. 



How can i start an affiliate marketing business without any funding?

There are numerous platforms and tools you can use when you start affiliate marketing.  There are also many free ‘How-to’ videos online that you can learn from, and lots of free information when you register with RevGlue.

RevGlue offers lots of free information that helps affiliates to start earning without any investment upfront. 



What is the best route for affiliate marketing?

Whilst the more traditional routes include becoming a YouTuber, social media influencer and blogger are popular, some of the best routes to successful affiliate marketing are promotions like coupons, cashback offers, and comparisons. These strategies can yield really great results because followers love a good deal and are always looking for a bargain.  Cashback offers are also great as both the affiliate and the customer can earn some pay back.

Comparison sites are an important affiliate marketing tool because potential customers love to check out reviews and comparisons that provide them with all the information they need in one place. 

RevGlue offers affiliate marketing solutions that include help with building a bespoke cashback website in accordance with the needs technical and design needs of the business. RevGlue helps with the very initial stages of setting up an affiliate website free of charge so you can start a comparison site straight away with minimum hassle.


How can social media influencers monetise faster?

The first thing to do is to ensure that you post regularly and consistently. Make sure you:

  • Find a niche
  • Post good quality content
  • Create stories, reels, Live events etc
  • Listen to your audience and engage with their queries
  • Collaborate with brands that represent your niche 

RevSocial works with affiliates to make social engagement more effective with affiliate products and services, and the analytics more integrated.  Not only will RevSocial streamline your schedule and manage your content, they also take time to understand your customers and provide you with essential data about how they interact with you.  This enables you to monetise quicker and in a more targeted way.



How can content writers monetise their content?

Content writers are currently in big demand.  As the world moves to online commerce and millions of new blogs are appearing daily, there is a huge need for content writers to produce good quality content.

Using bespoke, RevGlue offers high quality tools available including:

Using these tools, content writers can ensure that their images and content are relevant, the ads are dynamic and stylised, and keywords used lead to paid links.  These tools elevate the content and monetise it effortlessly. 



How can small businesses and publishers monetise their websites quickly?

To monetise quickly it is important to experiment with affiliate marketing.  This will help you generate income that could become passive, requiring very little ongoing effort.  In addition to the usual strategies of promoting products and publishing content, one of the best ways to monetise quickly is to make use of technology. 

RevGlue offers free WordPress plugins that increase the responsiveness of your affiliate programs.  The free plugins can set up:

  • A UK shopping directory
  • Cashback
  • Coupons
  • Price comparisons
  • Daily deals
  • Mobile comparisons 
  • Broadband and TV comparisons 

The plugins can elevate your affiliate marketing strategy quickly and effectively.  For any publishers looking to get a head start in affiliate marketing. RevGlue has a suite of 4 publisher tools that help them monetise their platforms, websites and blogs enabling them to promote their coupons, codes, deals, and banners in a single click. 



How can businesses monetise their customer base?

You can monetise by selling your products directly to your customers via your website or platform.  Work on optimising your site in Google searches and work on increasing traffic to your site. Having an email list also helps, as do things like monthly newsletters and sending special offers to those on the email list. 

RevGlue will provide you with essential data relating to your customers so you can track their engagement and monetise faster.


How quickly can i start earning?

That all depends on how quickly you can drive traffic to your site, and this depends on how much time you spend building your audience, content and links.  Your success will be dependent on the quality of your content, the optimisation of your site, the consistency of content posting, the quality of your audience, and the type of affiliate links you use. 

Having good SEO tools, using social media, content marketing, native advertising and other growth strategies will help you scale your business. As long as you are consistent you will start earning.  Using the tools available through RevGlue means your traffic and growth will be fast and you can bypass the early slow growth months.



What is RevGlue and how does it work?

RevGlue is a platform that helps businesses and affiliate marketers quickly monetise their websites, social media channels, blogs, and mobile apps.  They make everything easier for affiliates and brands by as they:

  • Streamline affiliate marketing with unique technology solutions
  • Help affiliates choose the best deals for them
  • Increasing return on investment 
  • Offer reporting packages to monitor and report on your affiliate links

RevGlue is about solving problems affiliate marketers and brands face, ensuring that they monetise quicker and better. 



How can i drive traffic to my site or platform?

There are some proven strategies you can use:

  • Having an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy
  • Researching and using the right keywords 
  • Making use of effective backlinks 
  • Creating top quality content 
  • Work with partners who know the affiliate marketing and SEO world
  • Using the various affiliate tools available at 


Do i have to be based in the UK to use RevGlue?

No, RevGlue caters to affiliate marketers, publishers, and businesses anywhere in the world. 




For anyone thinking of becoming an affiliate, there is a new shortcut you can take to success. That shortcut is RevGlue. RevGlue offers the most comprehensive suite of affiliate tools that help affiliates easily creat shopping directories, cashback websites, price comparison sites and discount coupons.  
RevGlue works with affiliates to set up a website in minutes tailored to their specific needs, where they earn 100% commission directly from affiliate networks.


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