Get Free UK vouchers & Mobile Comparison API Access | RevGlue

Get Free UK vouchers & Mobile Comparison API Access | RevGlue


We are delighted to announce that RevGlue is now offering all data types on revenue share basis via RevEmbed module. You can now set-up discount coupons, daily deals or mobile comparison websites with RevEmbed open api. 


What is the difference between data sources in affiliate modules and RevEmbed data api?

If you are an affiliate and working directly with the affiliate networks to earn 100% commission. You are probably aware that you as an affiliate have to apply for the affiliate network access and then you will have to apply for the affiliate programs that you wish to work with before start promoting them on your websites or mobile apps. You will then have access to their data i.e. banners, coupons, data feeds etc. but you will have to understand the APi data sources to download and then map them properly to show on your website. It also requires daily updates and constant clean-up. 

Now you have two easy choices to work with RevGlue that makes your life easy and helps you save time and money. 

Data sources under affiliate tools allow affiliates to earn 100% commission with your affiliate ids but you will have to apply for the affiliate programs on the affiliate networks. Your affiliate ids are used in deep links that you provide to RevGlue data sources module i.e. for cashback, coupons, daily deals, mobile comparison, product feeds, banners, stores and broadband comparison sites. In this case you will get structured and updated data from RevGlue via a single APi with your affiliate ids. Each data source can be subscribed at £60 per month and it is also available free for the first 30 days. 

Second option for publishers is that if you are not familiar with affiliate networks or not sure how to apply for the affiliate programs, download and structure the data properly but you have an existing website or developers to work for you. These publishers have two ways to work with the RevEmbed module. 

A - Create free account with and get uk coupons + daily deals or mobile comparison iframe to embed on your websites such as your subdomain or within a folder   

We have already written two blog posts on how to setup uk coupons + daily deals website or mobile comparison website with RevEmbed.

B -  If you do not wish to use the above option but still want to get the data api on revenue share basis then this option is for you. Simply create free account, browse RevEmbed module and get api access. Quick steps are provided below on how you can get the api access. 


What is Open API on RevEmbed?

If you are a blogger, publisher, social media user with large user base, shopping app owner or devloper who wish to setup additional shopping option on your website or mobile app and earn commissions then this RevEmbed open api is the answer for you.

RevEmbed api offers coupons, daily deals, mobile comparison data with RevGlue deep links so you don't have to register with the affiliate networks and work on the data structuring and cleansing yourself. These open api provides all the necessary data for you to setup your coupons or mobile comparison websites or use it in your mobile apps. 


How do i earn money with these api?

RevGlue ids are used in the deeplinks that means we manage the network relation, ecommerce store affiliate program management and commissions for you. As soon as a user makes a sale from your website or app, we get the commission from the affiliate network. You earn 80% of all the commissions generated by the users from your websites or mobile apps. You will get paid from RevGlue and your sales, conversion and payments reports are provided in RevGlue user panel under RevEmbed module menu.


How do i get access to to Open APi?

1 - Create free user account. 

2 - Go to RevEmbed menu from the left menu in user panel and click on projects. 

3 - Add your project and you will be provided a file to upload on your website server to validate the domain. 

4 - Click on validate link and you will have access to the APi.

5 - Click on Edit button to view all the available options. Final tab is API in the list. You can use the links to download the data or you can also get iframe to use our RevEmbed iframes for your domain. 

Open APi is provided in csv, xml and Json formats.


Mobile Comparison Open API

The mobile comparison APi as shown below has three core files.

Mobiles - This file provides mobile phone specifications. You can also use some vairants as filters on your website. 

Stores - This file provides the mobile comparison stores list. You have unique id of each store in this file that is required to map the mobile deals in the mobile deals file. 

Mobile Deals - This file offers the mobile deals information. You will need to add unique store id in the url to fetch deals of that store from RevGlue.

If you do not have the required technical expertise to setup your own mobile comparison website then click back on projects under RevEmbed and get index.php file to setup mobile comparison website on your website in two minutes. See this blog post for details.  


Mobile Comparison APi


Discount Coupons + Daily Deals APi

Get UK discount coupons and daily deals api together. As shown in the image below you have access to both discount coupons and deals that you can present on your website or mobile apps. The data on both APis is updated on daily basis. 

Discount coupons and daily deals api


Coupons Codes APi has the following data files.

Stores - List of all the coupons stores with deeplinks

Categories - List of all the coupon categories

Coupons - All coupons and offers with RevGlue deeplinks


Daily Deals APi has the following data files.

Stores - List of all the daily deals stores with deep links

Categories - List of all daily deals categories

Daily Deals - Here you will have to provide unique store id to fetch daily deals of each store. These ids are provided in the stores file. 


Who could use these APIs?

A - Social influencers to obtain list of products, coupons to post on their social channels. There is also RevSocial module available for social media users on RevGlue if they wish to find a product, share on their social media channel and earn commission. 

B - Bloggers to setup additional revenue channel with subdomain or within a folder on the domain. 

C - Affiliates who are struggling with affiliate network relationships and affiliate program application approvals. 

D - Mobile apps owners to offer additional discount offers on their apps. 

E - Publishers with large user base on their website to monetise them more effectively with CPA deals such as newspapers or content websites.


Please view the demo of both RevEmbed iframes below. Same APi data is provided to you in the above steps. You have open choice to use RevEmbed iframe website that does not require any development work as shown below or use the open api to setup your own websites. 



What other APis are available?

We have just launched UK coupons, daily deals, broadband comparison, product feeds and mobile comparison. Cashback API will be available from 1st November this year.


Can i hire RevGlue team to develop a bespoke solution for us based on open api?

Yes, please provide your project details to us on Affiliate Bepoke page. We provide customised and bespoke affiliate websites, browser extensions and mobile apps. 

If you need further support then send email to 





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