How to setup a responsive UK cashback or coupons website in minutes

How to setup a responsive UK cashback or coupons website in minutes

If you are an affiliate based anywhere in the world and want to set up a professional and responsive UK affiliate cashback or coupons website to generate extra income then this article is for you. For a package under £200, we can help you generate a UK affiliate cashback or coupons website in minutes based on our 4500 UK e-commerce stores.

This could be across any of the following niches.


  • Shopping directory listing all UK eCommerce stores
  • Discount coupons website
  • Daily deals website
  • Product feeds website
  • Broadband, TV and phone comparison website
  • Mobile comparison website
  • Cashback website


Set up Cashback / Coupons Site with


Before now, to develop a new cashback/coupons website with this level of functionality would require a combination of data management, site design and technical management. This all takes time or costs you money to hire expensive external resources. But now with that has all changed as we can offer customised UK data sets together with template site designs to empower affiliate cashback or coupons websites that save time and money on data aggregation, cleansing and formatting. You can set up any of these affiliate websites in just five simple steps.


1 – Decide your niche website you wish to set up such as a UK discount coupons website or a mobile comparison project. See all data sets available on RevGlue at

Create a user account and subscribe with the data set you have decided. Each data set cost £60 per month. 


2 – Once you have access to the data set, now you are ready to create your affiliate website. Browse the Free plugins available and download the relevant plugin files for your project. Here is the link


3 - You can purchase a WordPress template to give a unique, professional and fully responsive look at only £99.


4 – Finally if you are not sure how to install the plugin or set up the new template then you can purchase our Tech Credits support from the support module. We can install everything for you at £60.


5 – Once you start generating commissions with your UK affiliate networks then we suggest browsing our Stats module to help you view and then optimise all your daily sales and conversion data under one panel. This costs just £60 extra.


For a total cost of £189, you can then earn 100% commissions on each sale based on providing your affiliate IDs for each affiliate network in your data settings. This creates deep links for all the affiliate data export options that ensure that all commissions are fully credited to you.


You can work with RevGlue if you are an affiliate and want to save time and money on your UK based affiliate website design, development and data management. offers all the necessary tools to support you. Browse all our affiliate tools at


Alternatively, if you are a publisher with a content website, blog or host a social media channel with users that you have the potential to monetise then browse our revenue sharing tools for publishers at


Come and check-out today to see how you can increase the revenue you earn through affiliate marketing.



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