Create Free Affiliate Websites with RevGlue & Earn Money

Create Free Affiliate Websites with RevGlue & Earn Money

RevGlue is offering a free affiliate website setup special offer that is valid until 31st March 2020. Therefore, if you are an affiliate and looking to create a free UK affiliate website including a shopping directory, coupons, daily deals, cashback, mobile comparison, broadband comparison or a price comparison website in WordPress CMS then follow three easy steps. Watch the video to view the process of creating free affiliate websites with RevGlue tools.




Select the website you wish to create from the following types.

1 - UK Shopping Directory

2 - UK Coupons Website

3 - UK Cashback Website 

4 - Price Comparison Website

5 - Mobile Comparison Website

6 - Broadband Comparison Website

7 - Daily Deals Aggregation Website

Simply go to RevGlue Plugins section and download your required WordPress Plugin from here. Please note that all plugins are completely free and non-encrypted that means you can download as many as you like and enhance the plugins options or change the code into the existing plugin.

The aim of these WordPress plugins is to save time and money on design and development for UK affiliates. If you need help with WordPress plugin installation, then refer to our tech support section and our engineers can install it for you for a small fee.



Once you have downloaded the required WordPress plugin and installed it on your server. The next step is to provide the required data set API key in the admin section of the plugin such as if you have installed the coupons plugin then you need access to the coupons data for your website. 

Here you have two options for the data sets. You need to decide which option is right for you. Let me explain what these two options are provided by RevGlue data team.

Option A - Revenue Share Data via RevEmbed

If you are new to the UK affiliate networks and need full support on data collection, mapping and integration then this option works best for you. RevGlue obtains all the data from the UK affiliate networks and provides on revenue share model to affiliates after cleaning, mapping and updating on daily basis so you don't have to hire or work on data management. You do not even require affiliate network affiliate accounts to obtain the data under RevEmbed module. RevGlue provides unique RevGlue tracking parameters in each deeplink and obtains a commission on each sale from the affiliate networks that is then shared with the affiliates. All affiliates on RevEmbed module earn 80% commission on each sale. 

Simply click on RevEmbed module after login, create a new project such as coupons and confirm your domain with easy steps. Once you have done the website verification then click on edit section of your project and click on Open API link and you can view your data API key that you can add in your WordPress plugin data section to fetch the latest coupons. You can view detailed reports on clicks, commissions and requests cashout from RevGlue at any time. 

Option B - Monthly Subscription Data via Affiliate Data Sets

If you are familiar with the UK affiliate networks and wish to earn 100% commission under your own affiliate network accounts, then this option is for you. Simply subscribe with the affiliate data set such as coupons, cashback, mobile comparison etc and provide your own affiliate network ids that are then provided in the deeplinks so that you can earn 100% commission on each sale under your own affiliate accounts. You will be paying £60 per month as data subscription fee for that option. Please note that you will have to manage your own affiliate networks, apply for the stores you wish to work with and RevGlue will provide you with the data that is fetched from multiple affiliate networks in the UK.



Although RevGlue offers a free template with each plugin that is fully responsive, but we are offering a limited offer valid until 31st March 2020 to download any Premium template totally free. Just click on the template to download the files, upload it under your WordPress appearance folder and click on apply this template to your WordPress website in your website appearance section. Normally each template is sold for £199 but you can get it free as our New Year special offer. Browse and download all Premium templates from here.


If you need support on the installation of any RevGlue plugin, template or plug with the data then simply send us a message under Tech Support and we can install it on your domain within 24 hours. 


So what are you waiting for? Download the Free WordPress affiliate plugin, subscribe with the Free data sets and install a new responsive Free template for your next coupons, cashback, daily deals, mobile comparison, broadband comparison, shopping directory or price comparison affiliate website. 


Thank You.






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