RevGlue integrates with Skimlinks

RevGlue integrates with Skimlinks

RevGlue is delighted to integrate all data sets with Skimlinks. Now all Skimlinks users can subscribe to any data set we offer and export the data with Skimlinks deep links in the export options. 


If you are a Skimlinks affiliate or publisher and wish to set up your own coupons, cashback, mobile comparison, product feeds, broadband and tv or local deal websites with your Skimlinks account then you can do that now with RevGlue. Browse all affiliate data sets here.


1 - Subscribe with any data set such as coupons or cashback. All data sets are free for 30 days for you to try.


2 - Provide your affiliate networks IDs or Skimlinks site id on the first stage. 



3 - Select the stores you wish to work with or require their coupons or local deals from the RevGlue data engine.


4 - Export data with your Skimlinks Ids dynamically integrated. You will earn commission in your Skimlinks account. 


If you already have affiliate network affiliate accounts then you can use them instead of Skimlinks. You can then earn 100% commission on each sale directly from the affiliate networks. You can quickly switch it over to from affiliate networks to Skimlinks at any time.


Don't forget to download Free WordPress plugins RevGlue offers with all major data sets such as for cashback, coupons, local deals, product feeds and broadband and TV website setup. Browse all RevGlue WordPress plugins here.


So what are you waiting for? Subscribe with any data set Free for 30 days and download Free WordPress plugin to set up your next affiliate project with RevGlue. Provide your Skimlinks site ID and earn commissions directly from Skimlinks. 


If you need support then contact RevGlue support team today at 






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