RevGlue Data Sets Explained

RevGlue Data Sets Explained

RevGlue aggregates different forms of data from the affiliate networks and directly from the eCommerce stores. This data is then compiled into affiliate data sets for affiliates to set up unique affiliate websites or mobile applications.


Normally affiliates have to spend hundreds of hours on fetching that data from different sources, then allocating developers to set up different APIs and finally a data manager is assigned to format and structure the data so that it can be presented on the website.


RevGlue content management team aggregates and then formats and structure the data properly that saves time and money for affiliates on data management. Affiliates can utilise the data for their websites such as coupons or mobile comparison. RevGlue offers seven unique sets of data for affiliates at this stage and we are working on new data sets to add popular niches such as beauty and fashion that will be available to affiliates in the coming months.


Affiliates can export the data in CSV, XML and JSON formats. Follow these 5 simple steps to subscribe and download any data set.


1 – Subscribe with the data set that you wish to use for your next affiliate project. Subscribe to any data set absolutely Free for the first 30 days.


2 – Provide your affiliate network affiliate id’s so that RevGlue can provide you the list of the affiliate campaigns from that affiliate network. You can also use SkimLinks id if you wish to work with Skimlinks that would save you time to apply for affiliate networks if you are new to affiliate networks. However, Skimlinks takes half of the commissions that you can potentially earn by working directly with the affiliate networks. We suggest creating affiliate network account to earn 100% commissions and use Skimlinks until your affiliate network accounts are not verified. You can shift them from Skimlinks to affiliate networks at any time.


3 - Select the stores you wish to work with at this stage. If you have chosen Skimlinks then you can select all stores as you are not required to apply on each store one by one on Skimlinks. However, if you are working with the affiliate network then you will have to apply for that store affiliate program and get accepted as an affiliate first.


4 – Some of these data sets have categories mapping optional for you. If you already have a website then you can rewrite RevGlue categories with yours so you don’t lose your SEO structure. If you are setting up a new website then you can use RevGlue category structure.


5 – Finally you can export the data in CSV, XML or JSON formats that depends on your website requirements.


Bonus – RevGlue offers Free WordPress plugins to set up cashback, coupons, stores directory, mobile comparison, product feeds, broadband and local deals website in minutes. Checkout WordPress Plugins section in Tools for Affiliates menu.



All these data sets export files provide deep links that may contain your affiliate Ids or your Skimlinks Id so you earn 100% commission on each sale. RevGlue does not take any share on your commissions on any data sets. You will see the commissions and earnings in your affiliate network panels because your affiliates Ids are replaced when exporting the data for you.


All these data sets have all the important and structured data that affiliate requires. These data sets will save you time and money on data management and all these data sets are updated on daily basis by the RevGlue data management team. Download free plugins and set up UK coupons, cashback or mobile comparison website in minutes. All data sets are free for the first 30 days and the WordPress plugins are free forever.


So what are you waiting for? Let’s set up coupons, mobile comparison or a cashback project today.



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RevGlue Data Sets






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