5 TikTok Tactics That Are Apt For Affiliate Marketing

5 TikTok Tactics That Are Apt For Affiliate Marketing

Short form video content is one of the most important content styles for marketers to be focusing on in 2022. Concise, punchy videos are incredibly effective for grabbing the attention of modern audiences and encouraging them to interact with a brand on a deeper level. There’s no better example of this than the social media platform TikTok.

TikTok has shot to popularity in recent years, following up on hype generated by apps like Musical.ly and Vine. It’s a great way to engage with younger, modern audiences, and can do wonders in a thoughtful affiliate marketing strategy- which is exactly what we’re going to be taking a look at in this blog post today.

Here’s 5 key things you need to know about TikTok in order to add it to your social media marketing strategy and generate affiliate marketing sales with the app over time.



  1. TikTok is an inherently personal app
  2. Consistency is key to finding your audience on TikTok
  3. Utilise all the features that you can find
  4. Keeping on top of current trends is essential
  5. Getting involved in the community can be vital
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TikTok is an inherently personal app


tiktok is a personal app

To start off with, one of the most important things to know about working on TikTok is that it’s an inherently personal and lighthearted app. This is an app where people come to view content, and create content in equal measures, with small, niche influencers thriving and creating tight-knit communities together.

There are countless niches and small groups on TikTok, each with their own content styles and focuses. For example, spiritual creators and witches can be found on ‘WitchTok’, and small business creators can be found on ‘Small Business TikTok.’ These bubbles of content creators are incredibly supportive of each other's content, and help to drive trends for their viewers.

Businesses that don’t consider the tone of this platform are left floundering, dealing with relatively high advertising costs and finding no return on their investment. Approaching a TikTok advert like a standard Facebook advert, for example, is a surefire way to miss the mark when trying to generate sales with this platform.

In order to get people engaging with your links and products, make sure to think about how you’re going to approach your audience. Consider where your dream audience will be and think about what they’re going to find appealing and relatable in your content.


Consistency is key to finding your audience on TikTok

find your audience on tiktok

Moving on from tone, it’s important to note how busy and fast-paced TikTok can be. The amount of content that’s being pushed out every day on this platform is immense, with it being the second most downloaded iPhone app of 2020 and the most frequently downloaded one around the world, too.

There’s a lot of content to compete with on the platform. This has become even more prevalent with the rise of other short form video platforms like Instagram Reels, too.

The key to making your mark on this platform is consistency. Finding your niche, developing your style and sticking to a useful, thoughtful schedule is a great way to show people that they should be coming back to your page frequently.

In order to plan out how often you should be posting, it’s worth checking out hashtags and trends relevant to your affiliate niche first. Spend some time looking at how busy the tags are, when posts get the most attention and when your peers are creating content- and use this to guide the next step in your own process.

Moving on from this, it’s worth trialling a few post schedules and seeing what works for your audience before sticking to one. Consider when they’ll be online, being mindful of the fact that TikTok audiences skew younger, so the typical working day may not be as relevant here.

While consistency is key, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that you should never change your strategy on the platform. Keep testing and trialling alongside your main stream of content, seeing what people enjoy over time.


Utilise all the features that you can find

tiktok features

If you want to find long term success with affiliate sales on TikTok, make sure to keep up with the latest features, tools and filters that the platform has to offer. There’s always a new filter to create content with subtle features in profiles and new tools being launched to help creators reach their maximum potential with their work. 

Often, it’s not the complicated features that you need to worry about. The simplest features on TikTok can make all the difference- for example, the bio link feature is essential.

The most successful affiliate marketers on TikTok make the most out of their real estate by adding a Linktree or Milkshake website to their bio link, thus promoting as much of their work as possible in the simplest fashion. If you haven’t done this yet, we’d highly recommend doing so- it can help to generate a lot more buzz around your products and save you time, too.

Generally speaking, it’s essential to make sure that your profile is filled out and optimised in as many ways as possible. It may seem silly at first to include things like your Instagram link or bio details if you’re trying to make sales, but it can help to present a more cohesive perspective to your audience.

Following on from this, make sure that you’re experimenting with any new filters, tools or editing tips that the app offers you. There’s no need to create content for every single new feature in order to generate affiliate sales of course, but simply being knowledgeable of what’s available on the platform is essential for contributing meaningfully to the online community.


Keeping on top of current trends is essential

tiktok trends

Following on from the previous note about staying up to date with filters and tools, it’s essential to make sure that you keep track of the latest trends and challenges in your chosen niches on TikTok. There is always something new to be getting involved with and creating relevant content that offers a unique perspective on a current trend will elicit a positive response.

The best way to do this is to simply be active in your community, and to keep an eye on neighbouring niches too. For example, suppose you’re in the small business niche and you’re looking to sell art supplies, make sure to keep tabs on the thought leaders in the community. Look at the neighbouring artist and photographer communities for trends, too.

While looking at trending topics is important, it’s equally important to make sure that your brand values don’t slip here, too. We’ve emphasised how TikTok users require authenticity and this is especially applicable here. Don’t just jump on a football trend as an art material supplier- find a way to link your topics and to keep the trend as relevant to what you’re promoting as you can.

If you can’t think of a way to link a trending topic to your work, why not treat it as a chance to chat with your audience? Open up a discussion-style series, letting them know that a topic is new to you - perhaps a trending song or artist- and see what people think. It’s not a direct promotion of your services, but it keeps your page interesting and honest in equal measures.


Getting involved in the community can be vital

tiktok communities

Finally, it’s important to note that getting involved with the local community is incredibly important if you want to establish a long-term affiliate marketing strategy. TikTok is, as described earlier, an inherently personal and lighthearted platform. Therefore, in order to make an impact, you’re going to need to get involved in your community further.

A great way to do this is to establish working relationships with other affiliate marketers. Although TikTok does not have a group chat message as of yet, messaging other content creators and deciding a consistent way to support each other can be very effective. Think engagement pods on Instagram, but much more personal.

By reaching out to similar content creators and offering them support, you will in turn receive a boost to your engagement and reach on the platform. Interacting with others in this personal manner helps to establish your brand as being person able and encourages people to stick around for the long term, too.


Boost your affiliate sales with RevGlue today

If you’ve never considered working with TikTok before, now would be the perfect time to add it into your marketing strategy. It can be incredibly useful for engaging with audience members and promoting products in a natural, approachable manner. It’s also perfect for keeping up to date with current trends and hot topics, as it’s constantly changing.

Above all else, make sure to focus on your tone and style on TikTok if you want to find success here. If you’re focusing on just pushing sales and ignoring the personal, informal tone of the app, you’re going to struggle to get customers to engage with what you’re doing.

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