RevGlue is gone live on 1st January 2018.

RevGlue is gone live on 1st January 2018.

RevGlue is LIVE now for all UK affiliates and online publishers. We have launched the full version of our site in beta mode and this month are conducting further testing to make affiliate and publisher tools perfect for you. 


You can use our services during this beta period with a 50% discount. Use betaoff50 discount code until 31st January 2018. The discount is available on all our services.


At RevGlue our aim is to provide easy to use and manageable tools for affiliates and online publishers that can help you monetise your websites and mobile apps quickly and cost effectively.


The reason that we are offering our early adopter customers a discount is that we would like to hear from you. Please send us a message on to tell us what you like or don't like about our services so we can continuously improve them for you.


Thank You.

The RevGlue team


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