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RevGlue – Goldmine for affiliate managers March 11, 2019

This article shows how affiliate managers specifically in the UK could use RevGlue tools and services to enhance their affiliate campaigns, increase conversions and offer smart and affordable solutions to their affiliates.

According to e-marketers statistics, the UK ecommerce sales reached over £81 billion in 2017 and 20% of these sales were generated via affiliate marketing. That shows that more than 16 billion worth of sales were generated via affiliate marketing websites including cashback, coupons, price comparisons, product comparisons, blogs, social media influencers and many more. According to the latest statistics affiliate marketing will account for approximately 25% of all UK sales by 2021 that is increasing by 15% YOY. More than 80% of UK ecommerce stores have adopted affiliate marketing as part of their active digital marketing strategy. RevGlue is a technology company supporting the affiliate marketing industry.

RevGlue offer tools, consultancy, structured contents, white label solutions, bespoke solutions and training to UK affiliates that help them save time and money on setting up new affiliate projects. RevGlue makes affiliate marketing simple for affiliates and helps online publishers such as bloggers, social media influencers monetise their web and social channels more effectively.

If you are an affiliate manager working as a freelancer, with an agency, directly managing an affiliate program with the ecommerce retailer or working for an affiliate network then you need to understand the services and tools offered by RevGlue that could help you provide better options to your affiliates and in return it would increase your affiliate program conversions. As we know that most of the affiliates struggle with understanding the tech and content structures from multiple affiliate networks and that becomes a barrier for them to work more effectively.

Below is the list of ten options you as an affiliate manager can offer to your affiliates and help them earn more commissions, spend less time on tech & data and concentrate more on what they are supposed to do more that is drive quality users and earn commissions on each sale.


1 – Affiliate Campaign Research Tool

Start your research with RevGlue research tool to check if the program you are managing is being offered to affiliates via RevGlue tools. If your program is missing then email us the program details on and we can add it on our network that will then be offered to affiliates via multiple RevGlue tools.


2 – Offer Ready Made Websites via RevEmbed

RevEmbed module offers simple affiliate websites knows as iframes or white label solutions that do not require affiliates to hire technical or content management resources. Affiliates can simply provide their site domain URL; validate the domain ownership by uploading a PHP file that will be provided while adding your domain and your website shows up instantly on your domain. Affiliates can set up the iframes on the subdomain such as or in a sub directory on their domain such as

The RevEmbed tool also provides dynamic styling and customisation options built in the module. That also includes open API access so if the affiliate has technical skills and only requires the data access on monthly revenue share basis model then this is also provided in the RevEmbed module.

Please read several blog posts written on RevEmbed module on section. Affiliates can setup coupons, daily deals aggregation, cashback, product feeds niche, broadband or a mobile comparison websites with the RevEmbed module in minutes.


3 – All in one affiliate packages

The RevEmbed module in the last point offers iframes to affiliates but these three “affiliate all in one package” provide affiliate projects in a box that are WordPress powered websites. The three packages are Bronze, Silver and Gold that caters all types of affiliates with their specific requirements.

The aim of this module is to allow affiliates use RevGlue as their technology partner because this module provides affiliate websites including design, development, structured contents, hosting, website management and training on easy six or one year contracts that work out to be under £100 per month. Affiliates can setup a coupons, daily deals aggregation, cashback, product feeds niche, broadband or a mobile comparison websites in these packages.


4 – Techy affiliates looking for structured contents

Affiliates with technical skills or teams that are capable of setting up their own affiliate websites but lack content management resources are welcome to subscribe with RevGlue data services on easy £60 a month or £600 yearly subscription model. Affiliates can provide their own affiliate ids or use SkimLinks as their preferred sub-network so these can be replaced in the data APIs. That will affiliates earn 100% commission from the affiliate networks.

The structured data is provided in several niches that are updated on a daily basis so affiliates can save time and money on the latest content aggregation, cleansing, updates and management. RevGlue offers 30 days free trial on any data set for affiliates.

Affiliates can also download the free WordPress plugins that are fully compatible with RevGlue data sets so they do not need to hire a tech team to setup simple coupons, cashback, broadband, mobile comparison, daily deals or a product feeds niche website.

RevGlue also offers unique and responsive affiliate website templates at only £99 that are fully compatible with RevGlue WordPress affiliate plugins. So decide which website you want to setup next and follow these steps.

  1. Decide the website you want to setup i.e. cashback, coupons, mobile comparison etc
  2. Subscribe with RevGlue data set for that niche – get first 30 days free trial offer
  3. Download the WordPress plugin that is free and also has a free template with it
  4. Buy a nice WordPress template for only £99
  5. Subscribe free with the Stats module to see your daily earnings from all leading affiliate networks.

So you can have your professional website up and ready in ten minutes under £100. The data and stat tools are free for 30 days and the WordPress plugin is free for life. All you need to start registering with the affiliate networks, apply for the ecommerce stores affiliate programs you wish to work with and then earn 100% commission directly from the affiliate networks.


5 – Monetise WordPress blogs with RevLinks

RevGlue provides a dynamic and easy to monetise tool for bloggers and content writers. The RevLinks tool automatically reads all the blog posts and converts the relevant keywords and links into paid links so the bloggers can earn the commission on each sale referred to ecommerce stores from their blog posts.

Bloggers simply need to provide their blog link and the RevLinks module provides them a unique code that the blogger has to add on his blog header and footer. RevLinks engine then starts reading the blog posts to convert the keywords and links into paid links. RevLinks tool is free to use and offers 80% commission on each sale to bloggers.


6 – Create static, banner or product dynamic ads with RevAds

Affiliates with websites, mobile applications, browser extensions or social media channels can easily create dynamic ads with the RevAds module. This tool allows affiliates to create ads based on store banners or products from multiple categories or stores. The tool is fully dynamic that permit affiliates to change the styling and ad options instantly. Affiliates can then publish the ads with a simple piece of code on their websites and earn commission on each sale that they refer to ecommerce stores via these ads. RevAds is free to use and offers 80% commission to affiliates on each sale.


7 – Social media affiliates monetise with RevSocial

RevSocial is a dynamic tool created for social media affiliates and influencers who aim to earn commissions on their social media user activities. Millions of social media affiliates are influencing products or services on their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube channels but they find it difficult to monetise it effectively.

RevSocial offers a simple mechanism for social media influencers to find a product on RevSocial that they are promoting on their social channels and monetise it with a click of a button. Social media affiliates can then earn commission on each sale. RevSocial is a free tool and offers 80% commission on each sale. Read more about RevSocial on section.


8 – Aggregate all your affiliate network commissions under one panel with RevGlue Stats

RevGlue publisher tools including RevSocial, RevAds, RevLinks and RevEmbed does not require affiliates to create affiliate network accounts because RevGlue affiliate ids are used in their deep links. That makes it easy for publishers to save time and money with affiliate network management. These modules are free to use for publishers and they earn 80% commission on each sale from RevGlue.

However, affiliate tools such as the data and all in one package offer 100% commission to affiliates that they earn directly from the affiliate networks. Therefore, affiliates pay monthly subscription fees to RevGlue to use these tools that help them save time and money with website tech and content management.

These affiliates have to login on to each affiliate network separately to view the daily statistics including clicks and conversion. The Stats module allow these affiliates to view all the affiliate network sales and conversions under one panel and then export them easily with multiple options. The stats module is free to try for the first 30 days and then the affiliates have to pay £30 per month to use the Stats tool.


9 – Hire RevGlue bespoke CMS development team

RevGlue team has been working in the affiliate industry for over fifteen years and the founders have delivered over 120 bespoke affiliate projects all across the globe that includes affiliate websites, browser extensions and mobile applications. These solutions are not limited to UK affiliates and offered on fixed project basis. The aim of this service is that a professional affiliate could hire an experienced and professional affiliate development team for his bespoke project.

These projects are transferred to the client hosting services after the development is completed and the client is the sole owner of the project. RevGlue team acts as a design and development agency on these projects.

So if you based in or out of UK, looking for setup a new cashback, coupons or other affiliate project with browser extension and a mobile application then contact RevGlue bespoke project manager today to discuss your project in detail.


10 – Corporate publishers with white label solutions

RevGlue is working with several mobile applications and community websites that are using one or multiple RevGlue tools and services to empower their websites or mobile applications. The aim of this service is that RevGlue can provide a customised white label solution such as on your domain so your users can obtain access to the latest discounts and offers.

These corporate clients have a large number of users on their websites but they lack resources or skills to monetise them effectively. If you are one of them then contact RevGlue today and we can create an effective white label solution for you that would help you monetise your user base without any cost. RevGlue will work as your technology and content partner to manage the entire white label solution.


More useful Resources

- Read RevGlue blog at for detailed information on each tool.

- RevGlue training videos will be available from April 2019.

- Contact for a 1:1 meeting and discuss your affiliate projects.

- Don't forget to explore RevGlue information pack here


Affiliate marketing offers a win win situation for everyone involved. When affiliates have a professional tech and content management support i.e. RevGlue backing them then this can result in more sales for ecommerce stores, more commissions for affiliates, networks and proves better commitment of affiliate managers with their affiliates.


Good Luck..




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