The best ways to make extra money during the coronavirus lockdown

The best ways to make extra money during the coronavirus lockdown

The current COVID-19 virus spread is impacting two facets of our daily lives - firstly the risk of infection and the impact on our health, and secondly the likelihood of an economic downturn and the impact on our finances and future prospects.

Leading consultancy McKinsey & Company illustrates these two factors in the following way:

In terms of economic impact, McKinsey predict a short-term reduction in economic activity of between 8 and 13%, followed by a period of recovery once the virus has been overcome. At this stage it is too soon to predict accurately the shape of the recovery curve – it depends on the length of the current lockdown and the impact of government action in terms of economic stimulus to support businesses and the self-employed.

A third factor that is becoming more apparent is that people are changing their behaviour and habits in response to the current challenges. People are now working from home more – and using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Slack to a far greater degree, as the following post from Publisher Discovery demonstrates:


Also, with more time on their hands, people are spending it online and additionally making greater use of social media. The marketing impact suggested by Drum is that:
-    Online marketing will increase digital ad spend as consumers will be choosing to shop online versus leaving the house.
-    Social media spend across the social platforms will increase and those providers who provide engaging content will help keep users busy as they try to tackle the emotional burden of self-isolation, whilst maintaining a sense of community.

So given the increase in online marketing and social media, what are the new ways in which you can make money and overcome the potential economic downside of Coronovirus?

Affiliate marketing is a good answer which Forbes magazine describes in the following way “If you’re an expert within a field, building a website with content based on your expertise can help you make money during the coronavirus. Affiliate marketing helps bloggers and other website owners monetize their website.”

In terms of RevGlue, the platform provides affiliate and publishers with the tools and data to support future aspirations to generate passive income streams through their online presence.  A simple desire to be able to “make money every day with a niche affiliate website” means that affiliate marketers can tap into consumers deal seeking behaviour through smart phones – particularly in period of economic downturn. Given that shoppers are developing an emotional and habitual propensity to save money, smart phones and tablets give them instant access to deals via a simple thumb swipe or mouse click. 


The opportunity

Aspiring entrepreneurs want to make money online, but currently struggle to monetise their apps, social channels and websites effectively due to the lack of simple revenue generating tools available in the market. Google Ads dominates the market but publishers get paid very little per click from the adverts they promote. Affiliate marketing offers them better ROI provided that the technical barriers to entry can be solved.

RevGlue can make affiliate marketing simple with free to access publisher tools provided on a revenue share basis. There are two main RevGlue tools that can help you setup instant small business in this situation. 

1 - RevSocial that can help you find and share deals on your social channels. 




RevSocial allows the user to search for product deals that are relevant to the blog article or social post that they are writing. They can share these details via links in the content. As the article gets viewed and social friends and followers click on the link to visit the eCommerce store selling the product then the user earns commission on purchases that their content has introduced. So the more effective the user is at promoting their content then the more money they can make.

And the best news is that RevSocial does not require any setup cost or tech management. Try Demo.

2 - RevEmbed can help users setup affiliate free niche websites in five minutes. 


RevEmbed is a free interactive module developed for UK publishers to setup affiliate websites. This can include Cashback modules, Coupons & Daily Deals modules, Mobile or Broadband Comparison modules or product feed modules. Once an existing site is registered and verified with RevGlue, the user can embed the code for the module required which then is fully integrated into the publisher domains. Now all that is left is for the user to drive relevant traffic to the eCommerce stores provided by the module, where they earn commission on the sales that the site has introduced.

It only takes five minutes to implement the RevEmbed module, with no tech skills required. Learn more on our Youtube video.

Making money - the size of the prize

RevGlue works with over five thousand UK ecommerce retailers to aggregate the deals and offers on daily basis. Our tools are specifically designed for social media influencers and offers 100 million deals and products data bank to search discounted products and share on their social channels.
That’s a lot of different ways for users to make money. So create a free account with RevGlue today and start your own affiliate business for free.

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