RevGlue Corporates
Increased Customer Retention
Completely New Revenue Stream
Higher Customer Advocacy
Ideal for Cross Selling or Upselling Opportunities

How It Works

The Tech

Partnered with all the top global affiliate networks for cashback, deals and coupons.
API integration with existing systems to enable cross-selling and upselling allowing customers to use their rewards within your own ecosystem.
Bespoke and branded design offering up to 3,000 brands to showcase in your new marketplace.
Browser Extensions to ensure that the customer never misses and offer or reward opportunity.
Fully branded website design in keeping with brand theme, layout and tone of voice.
Convenient and smart mobile apps for connected systems, web, native, or hybrid app for iOS and android devices.

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Yes. The mobile apps can be integrated with your existing app.

No. RevGlue will take care of your development needs.

No - RevGlue will manage everything.

RevGlue can help with the customer engagement by providing you with regular newsletter content - bespoke and branded for you to distribute to your customer base.